Date: 13th March 2012 at 12:34pm
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Anderson and Jonny Evans

Ando- remember him?

What a difference a day makes someone once sang and that’s certainly the case for two of United’s central midfielders. Last friday morning it seemed that Paul Pogba was on his way out of Old Trafford, while Anderson was edging his way back into the side after an injury plagued few months.

Fast forward to Saturday afternoon and Pogba is seemingly reconsidering his options while Anderson has picked up an injury that could spell the end of his season and ultimately prove to be the final nail in his United career coffin.

My feelings towards Anderson have been like those towards an alcoholic family member, at first you try and help them remembering the good times- 2008 Champions League final, the 4-0 FA Cup win over Arsenal, the partnership with Cleverley- but eventually their actions wear you down so much that you realise they need more help than you can offer and eventually you become angry at them for failing to address their problems. Following the 6-1 defeat against City that handed our noisy neighbours the title- oh er….well gave them a ‘massive’ three points anyway, I was particularly scathing in my summary of Anderson’s performance. The Brazilian seemed completely uninterested at times, allowed David Silva the sort of space you’d give to a piss riddled tramp and looked about as capable of getting to grips with the game as Kenny Daglish does of delivering a Premier League title to Anfield.

I don’t mind if players try and come up short- as Darren Fletcher sometimes does, but to not even bother is unforgivable and my patient had now ran out, it was time to move the midfielder on. The argument put forward by his supporters was that he needed Tom Cleverley alongside him, well as I explained at the time, having a player who can only play well alongside one certain other player is practically useless. Cleverley has barely played for five months so the idea that without him Anderson is of no use merely highlights the Brazilians fall from grace. As I said at the time, Paul Scholes and Roy Keane played well even alongside Kleberson and the Djembas.

Pogba meanwhile looks set to sign a new deal at United, if Sky Sports ‘sources’ are to be believed, which could see the youngster become a pivotal player in United’s midfield over the next few years. After the West Brom game Sir Alex labelled Pogba ‘a first team player’ and with Scholes and Giggs approaching their forties, the frenchman may find himself starting a lot of games next season, providing he continues to develop as he has done so far.

Of course nothing has been confirmed as yet, Anderson may well just have a niggle and Pogba could already have his heart set on Turin, but if the storers doing the rounds turn out to be true then it could be the Brazilian and not the Frenchman’s United career which has reached its end.

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18 responses to “Is It The End For Anderson & The Beginning For Pogba?”

  1. Toby says:

    What about in the Arsenal game at the beginning of the season?? ANderson played Amazingly against a top 4 team. Does anyone remember that. There is a reason that the saying goes “In Ferguson we trust” and not “In the random fan talking about their thoughts on the internet we trust”. If Fergie says he has game then that is good enough for me, especially if they win the league this season with their injury problems. 5 titles in 6 years, says a lot more than picking up some games that a certain player has not played well in. United are a team of players not individuals, that is why they win when other teams play better but most importantly that is why we have to trust all UNited players not just the ones that stand out each week.

  2. wiuru says:

    Difficult one this ,i believe we have to persevere with him . The Talent is there but he has to commit to giving it 100% in concentration and will to win , each and every time he is called upon .He is well liked by the team so i cant see that its a lack of interest or he would of been out long ago .

  3. Bernard Matthews says:

    The fact is we were told that he hasn’t had a full pre season yet but this year he had so he will step up. I think the key to Cleverly was the fact that he was fit-since then his only partners were an unfit Fletcher and a poor early season Carrick. The main problem is he hasn’t been fit to play with the decent Carrick we now have. He seems to injury prone to rely on but I would keep him.

  4. Red Ken says:

    I hope so. I couldn’t agree more with the article. I will be a very happy man if we retain Pogba. He’s gonna be a great player

  5. montel says:

    Actually, Anderson is 23 and will turn 24 in April.