Date: 12th March 2012 at 8:14am
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The former Villa and Watford man is in great form

The former Villa and Watford man is in great form

United continued a fine run of league form with a 2-0 victory over West Brom. Man of the Match? Here are the contenders:

David De Gea- After riding through a tough period, De Gea has emerged a stronger, better keeper. His poise at corners was noticeable today, as was the shot stopping that defined his career in Spain. De Gea looked every bit a Manchester United goalkeeper.

Danny Welbeck– Welbeck’s performance was blighted by one terrible miss, but his clever running kept the United attack ticking for most of the match. Another convincing showing.

Wayne Rooney- Perhaps a shade unlucky not to walk away with the honors. Rooney continued his good recent form, orchestrating from deep before breaking into the box with speed and aggression. His first goal was a fabulous bit of strike play, and the second another emphatic penalty. How is this man English?

Man Of The Match- Ashley Young

Since scoring United’s opener at Ajax, Young has been in blistering form. Without replicating last week’s goal scoring heroics, he put in — arguably — an even better performance. Young tortured Gabriel Tamas for most of the match before finishing the game quietly on the opposite flank. His incisive dribbling eventually won a second-half penalty. Brilliant, brilliant showing.

 It’s not nice, but it has to be done. Flop of the Match? Here are the contenders:

Michael Carrick- Embarrassed by a vibrant Athletic Bilbao in midweek, Carrick was below-par on Sunday afternoon. He gave the ball away often and failed to build on a promising start to life alongside Paul Scholes.

Patrice Evra- Attacked with poise, but defended horribly. Evra was lucky not to give away a penalty in the second half.

Jonny Evans- If Vidic’s absence unsettled the back line, then Evan’s prominence totally destabilized it. The Irishman’s continued presence has cultivated a paranoia among viewers, a nervousness that intensifies every time he slides into a challenge. I hate to say it, but unless Evans curbs his recklessness he will continue to injure opposition players.  Nemanja, when will you return?

Flop Of The Match- Phil Jones

The own-goal at Sports Direct Arena did something to him. He no longer charges forward with the same intent, no longer commands the center of defense (or wherever he is playing — against West Brom, it was right back). His most notable contribution to Sunday’s match was a clumsy fall over the advertising hoardings. Improvement needed.

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13 responses to “Man Of The Match & Flop Of The Match: United vs. WBA”

  1. MT says:

    Dont forget Lee, he was a 100% Reds asset.

  2. Stretford ender says:

    Have u actually watched johnny Evans recently? His form has been very good and was very good again yesterday. Same with carrick, he’s been in his best form since joining us. Really can’t believe ur watching the same players as me.
    Jones hasn’t been as good since his injury but neither was young. Nani struggling to pick up form after being injured. It’s fitness and confidence which he’ll pick up again with games. Oh, and he’s only 19

  3. Gorse Hill Red says:

    Always amazes me the completely different perspectives of people. If you look at the Manchester Evening News ratings they are completely different to this websites.

    • Stretford ender says:

      Think that’s why you have to watch the games yourself. Too many people watch match of the day and read to sun to get their opinions on players and expect them to be listened to. (not suggesting this website has done that btw)

    • Justin Mottershead says:

      I often have a very different opinion on what some of the other writers on here think but appreciate the fact that everyone’s views are different and that’s what makes the site more interesting. Like David I thought Young was excellent, but I probably would’ve plumped for Rooney, only just. We disagree on Evra though, I thought he played well and is slowly reminding everyone of how good he is, after the circus he’s had to deal with and a dispraportionate amount of negative press regarding both his actions and performances.

  4. Sean says:

    I probly believe in this rating more than any another I’ve read especially the Carrick and Evans ratings

  5. Win says:

    I don’t understand why Ferdi and Carrick are still playing for United . Both are no brave , no clear passing , so arrogant and always change to slower tempo . No use , pls inform to Fergi. Send them to second team or sell them .

    • Gorse Hill Red says:

      To be fair Win although Ferdinand is not the same player and Carrick is no Xavi; when they do play United usually win and they bring some professionalism to the side. If either gets injured we can say goodbye to the title this season.

  6. McGrath says:

    That’s a poor article IMHO. Carrick’s pass accuracy against WBA was 92% and he had 105 touches. Evans did his job well enough.

    Oh, and Carrick only played the last 35 mins of the Athletic Madrid game, and he was one of the better players for the time he was on the pitch.

  7. Ez says:

    Sorry. But Evans played class. Even Sir Alex mentioned that… Give him his due mate.

  8. Ronnie A. says:

    Er… Did you actually watch that game?? Seriously, you should before writing an article about it. Because Evans and Carrick were classy. They have been for months now! Are you blind or what?
    And also, why does Scholes not get a mention here? He delivered a masterclass in midfield play. Bossed the game really…

  9. RJ says:

    Jones the flop?
    Did you see all those excellent crosses into the box he made or not?

  10. Sia Bing Xi says:

    I was at Old Trafford Watching. The defensive pairing of Ferdinand and Evans was the best pairing of youth and experience. Ferdinand laid back, while Evans bombed forward at least on 5 occasions and provided options for Carrick and Scholes against a 5 man midfield West Brom had blooded.

    He made 3 good tackles that was covered by Ferdinand and his off the ball movement was excellent.

    Most of the space for Ashley Young to move was created by the incisive runs by Evra, of which there might have been trouble.

    I believe the poor one would have been Hernandez. His control was poor and his only chance hit the goal post.