Date: 22nd March 2012 at 1:49pm
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Scholes Manchester City

"Don't worry son, you'll sign for a big club one day"

Patrick Vieira seems to have settled into his role as Manchester City chief nonsense spouter, picking up the baton that Gary Cook left when he was finally sacked after several years of disastrous -and often hilarious comments.

Speaking to the Telegraph City legend Vieira who amassed a staggering 32 appearances in his long career at Eastlands before moving upstairs, noted:

“Paul Scholes is a player that I really love and admire, one of the best English players of the last few years, and seeing him come back is good for him and for United.

“But for him to come back just shows a little bit of weakness in United, because they had to bring a player back who was 37.

“I think it shows that, in the next few years, it will be really difficult for United to cope with other teams because, with all the respect I have for Scholes, him coming back shows that they don’t have talent in there to replace him.

“When you see United losing young players like Ravel Morrison and maybe Paul Pogba, they should be really worried because that wouldn’t have happened in the past.”

It seems Vieira has little or no respect for Ryan Tunnicliffe who’s shown at Peterborough this season, that given time he could well develop into a useful Manchester United midfielder. It also seems Vieira has no idea of the concept of buying midfielders to replace Scholes, no doubt he’s blinkered by the fact City have a policy of only nurturing and promoting talent from their academy and not buying it!

The fact Vieira is now commenting on United’s ‘weakness’ merely highlights not only his own lack of class, but also the fact that the pressure is getting to him and his team. How Vieira can ignore the fact City brought back want-away striker Carlos Tevez, or bought Owen Hargreaves, yet claims United are weak for bringing back Scholes is beyond me. Maybe Keano should have another word with him….

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9 responses to ““Scholes Coming Back Shows Weakness In The United Team””

  1. Ian says:

    Of course it could have been something about the illness/injuries to Fletcher, Cleverley and Anderson that prompted his return!!

  2. @stockportred says:

    What about the weakness that Manchester City showed, when they signed an ageing, over the hill, classless midfielder ?

    What was his name?

    It will come too me in a minute.

    Oh, Patrick Vieira.

  3. Andy says:

    What about Man City’s weakness by playing Tevez as soon as they fall behind United, I seem to recall Mancini saying he’d never play for him again?

  4. Dave Pistol says:

    Absolute goon!

  5. greenhoff77 says:

    “Vieira suggests Scholes Coming Back Shows Weakness In The United Team”

    Maybe it does Patrick but at least we didnt beg him. unlike tevez.

    quote:Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini has repeated that Carlos Tevez has played his last game for the club.

    Laughing stock = bluenoses

  6. albashir says:

    A united fan, take Carrick away and all these Andos, Cleverly, and flecth are just feeling gaps thats to be honest. Why wouldn’t the ginger prince return. We should have replaced him during the summer but we refused instead we got landed with Young, no disrespect for Young but he’s a bit of a class act and not united class as we already have got two wingers. Lack of signing and strethening is the result of our european failure were real football is played. United needs new players otherwise we won’t be among the big boys in european competitioons come next season. That was how looserfools started their decline and now they can’t even play Europa league. This comes from the heart (inward criticism)

  7. Anneeq Anwar says:

    I dont Viera was being disrespectful actually, he was just ignorant. Not even United fans are aware of Ryan Tunicliffe, only hardcore fans like ourselves know about the likes of Will Keane, Ryan Tunicliffe, Larnell Cole etc. The media gets in a real frenzy when Arsenal buys a kid, or when a single Mancunian comes out of City’s academy but never gives United the credit for the abundance of local talent that theyv nurtured.

  8. Eric wanjala says:

    I’d like to see Lingard and Cole forming a midfield partnership in the first team