Date:30th March 2012 at 11:16pm
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"And then I ran from Keano as fast as I could.."

"And then I ran from Keano as fast as I could.."

Chelsea won. I know, I know, after their recent form, it came as a bit of a shock. However, their 1-0 will against Benfica has given them every oppotunity to progress further in the Champions league. Then, all that will stand between them, and the Champions League final, will likely be Barcelona. Oh sh…..

It was an unsual week for Barcelona. They failed to score! However, it wasn’t down to the defending of AC Milan or down to Barcelona not being at their best. Apparently, it was due to the poor pitch.

Patrick Vieria has had a busy week. Firstly, he claimed that Manchester United were desperate, in our decision to re-sign Paul Scholes. Despite working for a team, who in the past two years have signed an over the hill Patrick Vieria and Owen ‘No Knees’ Hargreaves, that is quite a claim.

He then decided to tell the world that he thinks that Manchester United get all the decisions. It came after Fulham were not awarded a penalty at Old Trafford. Ignoring the fact that Manchester United have conceded more penalties at home than City this season, and the fact that Stoke had a clear penalty turned down against them.

This week saw the return of the fabled one. Bebe came on as a substitute for Besiktas this week. After spending 7 months out, injured, its great to see the winger back. Spending so many months out injured would affect most player. However, Bebe has an advantage. He spent 16 years ‘out’.

Somehow, Sergio Aguero has managed to injure himself. Nobody at Manchester City will give the reason, all they will say is that it is a ‘Stupid’ injury. Bookmakers have put ‘Tripping over Tevez’s lead’ and ‘Set on fire, by Balotelli’ as the most likely reasons.

Mario Balotelli decided to take time away from his busy schedule to go to Italy, and gatecrash Inter Milan’s press conference, this week. He then flew home and had yet another bust up with Mancini during training. He has now caused more trouble for City, than the Financial Fair Play rules will.

It was announced that Stiliyan Petrov has been diagnosed with leukaemia, our thoughts are with him and hopefully he’ll make a speedy recovery.

And finally. Andy Carroll is casting envious eyes towards towards the Fuel Tanker Drivers this week. With their strike on the cards, they will officially have a better strike rate than Carroll.