Date:5th April 2012 at 12:24pm
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More twitter trouble for one youngster- although this one is hardly a crime

More twitter trouble for one youngster- although this one is hardly a crime

While millions of Reds around the world took to the wonderful world of the social network’s to celebrate United’s win against Blackburn at Ewood Park on Monday, one fan in particular has caused quite a stir.

Manchester City youth team player Sam Jones faces a backlash from his own clubs fans after celebrating United’s win on twitter.

The Manchester Evening News notes:

A Manchester City player has apologised after he posted support for UNITED on Twitter. Youth teamer Sam Jones took to the social networking site to register his delight after the Reds’ vital win at Blackburn on Monday night. He infuriated Blues fans with a series of gleeful tweets during and after the match which Sir Alex Ferguson’s men won 2-0 to stretch their lead over Jones’s employers to five points.

The defender, from south Wales, kicked off with: “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh united united united”, before following that up with “yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a goal!!!!!”

After the final whistle he finished: “Game over! Ashley Young you king!” A number of Blues fans who spotted the messages hit back. Sharp-eyed City officials were also unimpressed. They gave Jones a dressing down which presumably led to the apology. He later tweeted: “To all City fans I am really sorry for causing offence with my tweets” before adding: “I realise I shouldn’t have said those things. The Club have reminded me about my responsibilities as a City player. “

With the title race now edging in United’s favour, more and more City fans seem to be admitting defeat and even claiming that finishing second is still a great achievement for a club that’s more used to fighting relegation than challenging for titles in the Premier League.

While City fans may have a point, the idea of their own players- albeit youth team ones- celebrating United victories is going to be about as welcome as we’ll be made to feel when we travel to Eastlands on April 30th.

Jones may have been extremely foolish to tweet something destined to incur his fan’s wrath but let’s just hope he isn’t punished too much- after all despite the team he plays for he is a Red!

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