Date: 13th April 2012 at 2:25am
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Top scorer- but has he been The Red's top player this season?

Top scorer- but has he been The Red's top player this season?

It’s that time of the year where we decide our player of the season, here at Red Flag Flying High, our various writers have different opinions on who deserves the accolade of ‘United’s Player of the Season.’ Here’s Vik’s on why it should be United’s top scorer. Whether you agree or not you can cast your vote at the poll at the foot of this article. 

Wayne Rooney. Player of the season for me. After the contract debacle of last season, Wayne Rooney, rejuvenated by his new barnet, has returned this season to contribute heavily towards Manchester United’s cause. The challenge of Manchester City, the bar that they have raised, is one that Manchester United have so far reached and surpassed thanks to the brilliance of Wayne Rooney.

Aided by his greatly incentivised contract, Wayne Rooney seems in harmony this season. He’s put everything into Manchester United’s cause and has so far added 29 goals to his career tally in the 36 appearances he has made this season, a tally only 5 short of his previous best in the 2009/10 season. He has sacrificed himself for the good of the team; playing at central midfield at the height of Manchester United’s injury worries and playing there well and with enthusiasm. As recently as Blackburn away Wayne Rooney played wide on the left, tracked back, won the ball back from the opposition. In the tough times when Manchester United needed someone step up, he has been there. Even when he hasn’t had the best of games he turns up with a telling contribution, as he did vs Fulham at Old Trafford with the match winning goal just the other week.

At 26 years of age he has also now finally matured. His temperament has improved, highlighted by the fact that he has yet this season to be shown a card by a referee whilst donning a Manchester United shirt. When Wayne Rooney has played, more often than not the team performs. Regularly playing in the hole behind the advanced striker and scoring 29 goals is no mean feat and is an achievement that is most certainly up there with some of the world’s best.
Adapted to his new role as almost an attacking midfielder some of his touches have been magnificent. His ball distribution has been second only to the ginger prince, Paul Scholes. Wayne Rooney is the composer on the pitch who has put together ensembles of attacks to guide Manchester United to the head of the Premier League table. Against the ‘bigger teams,’ Man City, Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool, Wayne Rooney has come up with 12 goals in the 12 games that we’ve faced them in this season. In addition to this, in the Premier League Wayne Rooney is a more frequent goalscorer than most people’s choice for player of the year, Robin Van Persie. Rooney has scored a goal every 106.6 minutes compared to Van Persie scoring every 107.3 minutes.

It’s my personal feeling that in the past Wayne Rooney has been given a bit too much credit in comparison to his actual contribution however this season I can say that he has been truly brilliant and deserves more recognition from fans for his input into Manchester United’s chase for their 20th league title. Some fans have understandably not forgiven him for what happened 18 months ago, however with the resumption of the kinds of performances Wayne Rooney has put in this season he will eventually win us all over. Wayne Rooney. My player of the season.

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2 responses to “Manchester United’s Player Of The Season: Wayne Rooney”

  1. kc says:

    Pity he did not close down Maloney which led to their goal and United losing.

  2. chrisaus88 says:

    Nice article. I think it’s time to forget the whole contract thing. I think he knows he made a mistake & has made up for it. He will be a Man Utd legend when he retires. My Player of the year. P.S you should use more Paragraphs in your writng. Makes it easier to read.