Date: 6th April 2012 at 12:39am
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Paul Pogba

"Please don't go..." - or words to that effect.

The Paul Pogba contract saga is fast overtaking the Wesley Sneijder signing saga as the most drawn-out United story of the season. Although we’re still no clearer to really knowing where the youngster’s future will lie there is one mitigating factor United have over other potential suitors- the fans.

While Pogba has no real idea of how much the fans of Juventus or Milan or any of his other rumoured destinations, us Reds could quite easily show him just how much we want him at our club the next time he plays.

With Pogba on the bench for the Blackburn game on Monday there’s every reason to think he may still get another appearance before the season is out, quite possibly in one of the games at Old Trafford. What better way to prove to the lad that he’s at the best club for him, than to have 70 odd thousand fans singing his name? Yes I know it didn’t work with Carlos Tevez, but it seems United weren’t prepared to pay the sort of money he demanded, while Pogba’s demands seem to have been more or less met, it’s simply a matter of whether he’d rather ply his trade in Manchester or Turin.

The last time Pogba took to the pitch at Old Trafford some Reds vented their frustration by booing him. Personally I think booing your own player- a nineteen year old, we all want to see stay at the club, is pretty brainless, but then again I’ve even seen Michael Carrick booed at OT this season for doing a backwards pass against Chelsea, which goes to show the idiocy of some fans.

Pogba knows the manager wants him to stay, maybe if we show him the fans do too, he could decide to stay at the greatest club there is. It may not be to every fan’s taste, trying to coax a teenager to remain at our beloved club, but perhaps swallowing a bit of pride and really getting behind him, could help United keep a talent that may just make a big difference to our future successes.

Has United done enough to try and keep Pogba? Is it right for the fans to to try and persuade him to stay or should we boo him again?

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20 responses to “Time For The Fans To Convince Pogba To Stay”

  1. Pete says:

    Chongo, Really.. How long have you been a Red mate? Mourinho to save us?? WTF!! Also, to call Scholes a ghost is a bloody aberation. Shame on you.

  2. chongo says:

    57 years. Too much bitterness from 20 years fail in Europe. SAF ego dangerous for club. Who here agree I tell truth.

  3. Anneeq Anwar says:

    However good this fella is, Man Utd is bigger than him. I think like Ravel Morrison Fergie should hand him a FINAL ultimatum. If he signs a new contract thats fine, if he doesnt he can quite simply lump it! We have plenty of talent at the club we dont need Pogba, Pogba needs us, we’ve won plenty without him and if he decides to chase the dollars in Italy we will still win plenty with the array of talent we have!!!