Date: 28th April 2012 at 1:48am
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Torres makes a mockery of our poster!

Torres makes a mockery of our poster!

Wow! What a week of Champions League football. Firstly, we saw Chelsea somehow manage to over come Barcelona, and progress to the final. They drew 2-2 at the Nou Camp, in a game that saw everything. A red card, a missed penalty by Messi but even more surprising, a Fernando Torres goal.

We then saw another quality game, between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. Two goals from Cristiano Ronaldo and one from Robben set up the dreaded penalty shootout. Misses by the two most expensive players in the world, pretty much handed the shootout to Bayern.

We then had the fallout from both games. Firstly, John Terry was told, that if Chelsea win the final, we wouldnt be able to join in with the celebrations. Now, John Terry being John Terry wasn’t too pleased with this. Just like a child, who was told he was not allowed to watch his Peppa Pig DVD, he complained and UEFA backed down.

Pep Guardiola then decided that he needed a break from the game. After a magnificent spell in charge, Guardiola has said that he is tired, and will take a break from football. A ‘break from football’ could mean a move to Chelsea.

The Premier League has suspended the hand shakes between the QPR and Chelsea players, before their game on Sunday. This means that there will be no decision to be made, by a certain player, in regards to shaking another player’s hand. John Terry is relieved, he wasnt sure if he could shake a black man’s hand……

More graffiti has been put up outside The Sports Direct Arena. Police, at first thought that it may have been Newcastle United fans. However, after checking the spelling of the graffiti, and confirming that there were no spelling mistakes, the police have cleared any Newcastle United fan of any wrong doing.

Steven Gerrard returned to training this week, which is set to put him in the running for a FA Cup final spot, in 2 weeks. Sky Sports have already sent him the Man Of The Match bottle of Champagne.

And finally. Owen Hargreaves is set to be released by Manchester City in the Summer. I’m sure that every Manchester United fan will will join me in saying that we are glad that his move turned out well.

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One response to “Torres Scores, Hargreaves On His Way, Weekly News Round-up”

  1. Anneeq Anwar says:

    The Hargreaves debacle begs the question why did city buy hargreaves in the first place? He’s only been there for a single season hasnt he???? If it was to unsettle man utd it was a tactic that failed SPECTACULARLY!! If it was because they expected him to contribute to their 2011/2012 campaign well that also failed SPECTACULARLY………….