Date: 3rd July 2012 at 1:29am
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Will Fabio's loan spell be of benefit to anyone?

Browsing down the Twitter timeline this evening after getting home from work, I was intrigued to read a few Tweets suggesting that Brazilian full back Fabio Da Silva was on his way to Queens Park Rangers for a season long loan.

It’s that whole transfer window jet engine taking off again, isn’t it.

But then, on further reading, no it isn’t. It’s happened, and he’s on his way to the capital.  A good thing for the player?  A chance to gain valuable first team experience? Play week in week out and mature in to the player we all want him to become. The successor to Patrice Evra.

With the recent loan success stories of Tom Cleverley and Danny Welbeck, excitement about one of our youngsters going on loan is quite high.  Cleverley, despite an injury ravaged season, came back and showed what a player he’d grown in to.  And Danny Welbeck matured so much, he kicked on to be England’s best striker at Euro 2012.

Looking back for other successful loans is a toughie.  Johnny Evans to a certain extent came back from Sunderland and features regularly in the first team when people ahead of him are injured.  The last success  was David Beckham, who went to Preston North End in 1995.

I like Fabio. He’s got a lot to learn, and a decent loan spell would probably do him the world of good.  But this is where I question the destination of the player for next season.  Queens Park Rangers.  Are they really the club that we want one of our players to join temporarily and attempt to flourish?

Remember Giuseppe Rossi, and that loan move to Newcastle in 2006?  When they had a future world class striker at their disposal and ludicrously wasted him?

Well, QPR were of similar ilk last season when they had the chance to give Federico Macheda a proper run of games prior to injury.  They signed a player who had the potential to flourish with a decent run of games.

But the Loftus Road outfit are currently a club who are a bit erratic on the transfer front.  They’re  seemingly signing anyone and everyone and giving them a couple of games to perform wonders and if they don’t, the next one on the conveyor belt of hope is chucked in to the mix.

Macheda was one of nine strikers in the QPR squad last term and was limited to appearing in just three league games.

I think QPR fans are great, and I think they deserve better than the worrying transfer policies that Neil Warnock and Mark Hughes embossed on them in their return season to the Premiership.  And I think that Fabio Da Silva deserves better as well.  It doesn’t matter if he’d be at the top end of the division, or fighting a relegation battle.  He just needs to have his football education brought along by a club and a manager looking for stability, and some sort of team ethic.  how many other full backs will Sparky get the chance to sign and ‘take a punt’ on.  You know – the more you have the better the chance of finding the right formula?

For me, I think QPR are the worst club to send a potential future star to.  Sometimes we can break a player by not ensuring that they’re sending a player to a club where he’ll come back as a ready to step up to the United first team canvas when they return to the club.

I hope we’re not wasting Fabio Da Silva.  But I’m worried the player who returns to us in 2013 will have stepped back, learning only what the current QPR way is, and how to be a member of their mish-mashed squad, ready to fall by the way side as so many have done in the past.

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15 responses to “Fabio Da Silva – All A-Loan At QPR…And Beyond?”

  1. Bob Mortimer says:

    You’re more than welcome to take him back. I really don’t rate him at all. And Man U are a team I wouldn’t even consider taking any player from. Macheda was/is a total waste of space.He didn’t get much of a look in as he simply couldn’t cut it.

  2. W12Ranger says:

    The recent transfer policy under Mark Hughes has been good. The signings of Cisse and Diakite have been fantastic. Onohua has got a lot to learn but has potential, Nelsen and Andy Johnson are most likely to be squad players with prem experience to increase competition for places and bulk options.

    Macheda did not get games at QPR because when he played he looked unfit and uninterested. He walked around the pitch huffing and panting after 5 minutes, making half arsed attempts to get on the end of balls, or involved at all. If Fabio gives 100% and is as good as you lot seem to rate him I envisage him starting at RB for the season ahead of Onohua as Sparky wants Ned in the centre with Anton in the long term. We do have a mished mashed squad at the moment but this is only the second real transfer window we are getting since the Bernie and Flavio era. Warnock’s transfers last summer were not great, SWP, Barton, Bothroyd, Campbell(due to injury unfortunatly). Traore has been good but he was rushed into doing real buisness in the last week of the window which is a joke. Tony Fernandes, Phil Beard and Mark Hughes have a long term vision for the club, this is just the start of a well run project to take the club forward. Fabio would benefit from being part of it and we would benefit from having him here.

    • Thanks for reading, W12. And a very honest/balanced comment.

      Fabio’s a great young player. Still raw, and needs the regular games to bring him on a level, in my opinion. I doubt he’ll cone on the scene and innediately blow you away, but guven a good run and with a bit of patience I reckon youll get just rewards from the signing. Im just not convinced that QPR will give him that time.

      This is where the thing with Macheda comes in….exactly the same, a young kid who wasn’t the finished article and was sent away to get a good run of games, adjust and step up…here you were signing an inexperienced lad, but it seems the weight of expectation was a bit high to world the axe on him after 3 games maybe?

      Although I’m not that convinced he’s got the right move, I hope I’m wrong and has a brilliant season with you guys.

      • john dolan says:

        Macheda was Man Utds mistake,he is a very poor player,if QPR had played him regularly we would be playing championship football this season.Also worth bearing in mind the positive loan spell Kyle Walker had with us.Fabio is talented, but still unproven at the highest level.

      • W12Ranger says:

        With Macheda it all came down to attitude. We are happy to forgive mistakes, dodgy touches, missed chances, but the pure laziness that Kiko showed was too much. He did not care, he did not want to be at Loftus Road. The worst signing Warnock made, worse that Barton and SWP. Why should we try and change his attitude by playing him, to our detriment? Happy to give a player games if they look like they want them. Not all that glitters is gold, and just because a player is loaned from Man U does not mean he will be good.
        I do not expect this to be the case with Fabio however, IMO he will be good down the Right. His support of Jamie Mackie when he slips inside will be a massive improvement on Onohua who looked shaky past the half way line. Hopefully he can improve his defending with us, Mackie will always track back and cover him aswell which will be good.

        Do not blame QPR for the travesty that is Fedrico Macheda, who walks into the Worst XI I will have seen at QPR in my lifetime. You make some good points, and i understand your concern for your young players, but you cannot base your concern on Macheda. He was gash.

        • W12 – I’ve not blamed QPR for Macheda being shit. I know he isn’t shit, so that’s not an issue.

          I’m saying that it was a waste of a loan spell because if QPR want quick fixes, then they won’t get it with our young players. They will get the rewards if they allow them the time a young player needs to bed in, and with Fabio (who’s a left back by the way) but if you want to try him for 4 games and he’s failed to live up to what may be too high expectations, you’ll be sorely disappointed…and that’s where we all miss out.

          You’ll have seen Kiko in a blue and white shirt more than me, so I take what you say.

  3. mike says:

    I agree this move may not appear to be a great move to Man U fans but please do not compare him to Macheda. I watched Macheda in 4 of this 6games for QPR and he was awful. Running into tackles and then turning his back, a Sunday league level of fitness, with no interest in winning a ball. The 2 or 3 shots he had sailed into row Z. In the cup against League one MK Dons I don’t think he completed a pass and was completely outclassed by his marker.

    Fabio is a different cup of tea, quick and has a knocked down bounce back up attitude. Please remember before you question QPR as a destination for a defender Kyle Walker was sitting in Spurs reserves with no hope of making their squad. He had an amazing time at QPR, any now he is an England player, the same can be said for Adel Taarabt.
    If Fabio is willing to put in the graft then he will do OK.

  4. YouR's says:

    Wow, what an amazingly ignorant and extremely short sighted article.
    Don’t get me wrong, I like Man U fans. I just don’t like their players! I mean apart from Welbeck, Cleverly and Beckham 25 odd years ago, which of their players have gone on loan to another club and tried their heart out? None, zero. Let’s not laugh at Rossi or Macheda here. It’s this arrogance of theirs that seem to think that because they played for ManU, they deserve a starting place regardless of fitness and form. Take Spurs/arsenal, Walker and Ramsey. These two clubs are forever loaning players.
    Welcome Fabio, Good Luck Man U fans.

  5. Peter says:

    Macheda is one of the worst footballers I have ever seen. It is a disgrace that you would blame our club over that arrogant, lazy, untalented waste of space.

    • YouRs says:

      As you write this Peter, Macheda is on the verge of signing for a club in Turkey!! For a young player, so much in potential, so much in demand? All this on a back of a few poor performances in a QPR shirt? I think you need to apologise to your regular readers about the standard of this article. I sincerely hope it wasn’t one of your more researched pieces Steve.

      • Steve says:

        Thanks for reading, commenting and coming back to comment again YouRs.

        The thing is with signing our fringe players, is that they’re not ready for Premiership first team action yet, and they’re signed up on the understanding that, to get the best of them and to hit the high standards that they can perform to, they need to be appropriately bedded in. If you’re expecting quick wins and instant impact from one of our kids, then you’re on the wrong level. I believe that Macheda made his debut as a sub on the same evening that he signed for QPR just before 5.30pm? Chucked in before barely meeting his new team mates, let alone train with them, understand, the way QPR played and the tactics employed by the side. Surely that’s just one signal of how QPR operated.

        Add to that the 29 signings ( you made between July and January last season. Unbelievable. The need for a million quick fixes instead of perseverance might have been what made you only just stay up last year. It’s like football manager on the PC.

        Regarding Fabio, he’s a gem but he’s very young, not as experienced as Mark Hughes is trying to state he is in the media (what has happened to Mark Hughes’ mind since he left City?), and is prone to mistakes and bad decisions, simply because he isn’t sharp and doesn’t get the game time he needs. If you want to write him off before he’s even played 10 games for you, then that’s what you’ll do. If you want to be patient, realise that just because he’s come from United he’s not going to be electric yet, and see the fruits he’ll offer you by persevering over the bedding in period, you’ll get your rewards.

        If QPR operate like that this season, then perfect. That’s what your lot and my lot need. But last season, in my opinion, you didn’t…as some of the comments on here seem to suggest. That is where my concern comes from, and I hope I am wrong for 2012/2013.

  6. YouRs says:

    Steve, I didn’t come on here to embarrass you or your website. I detest poor journalism. The website that you so proudly displayed as us having signed 29 players is about as correct as your judgment. Half of those mentioned on the list you chose to publish were either contract extensions, players coming back from loans, or contracts given to the youngsters. We built a team to get us out of the championship, and we bought 10 – 15 players to keep us in it (only just). Still on the high side mate, but not the worst! I still cannot find (as hard as I’m trying) to find reasoning in your original article.
    My last point to you is this. You’ve changed jobs Steve. What’s the difference between you doing what you’re paid to do, and Macheda doing what he’s supposed to be good at. As a centre forward, the basics you need to do are hold the ball, link play, get in scoring positions. None of which he did! Now tell me Steve, did you have to meet any if your colleagues before changing jobs? Admit it mate, perhaps, just perhaps, the player might need to shoulder some responsibility, not ‘the worst club to loan players to’ .

    • Good spot – and thanks – happy to be corrected.

      Regarding your point about changing jobs – if we’re heading down that avenue then yep…to perform to your best you need to get used to your new environment, new processes, colleagues who operate differently, new personalities – of course you’ve still got your skills and the basics to do your job, but you don’t settle in to a new job on your first day and perform at optimum level. I’m sure you know that this is real football, and not a game of FIFA12 on the Playstation….where players ‘hit the ground running’ all the time (to use office jargon).

      And don’t forget – if a 20 year old kid with not much experience “in the office” is effectively getting a promotion, you realise he’s raw. If you’d signed Berbatov for example, and he’d started like Macheda had, then it’d be a fair point.

      With what you’ve said there, I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ll be expecting Fabio to perform like Patrice Evra when he makes his debut for you?

      To focus back to my original point, and I know you don’t agree, but I’m not confident that QPR are the club that we should be sending our youngsters to. If my concerns and opinions are wrong, and here’s hoping they are, then we’re all laughing.

  7. Tony says:

    I think the problem here is that you attack QPR as a club. Fabio will probably start as our left back, as Taiwo seems to be gone. Taiwo was a loan and he played regularly so I expect Fabio to do the same. Traore is obviously, like Luke Young, not someone Mark Hughes wants in the side as a defender. On transfers, Warnock and then Hughes both did well for QPR, and we could well have finished mid-table if it was not for some appalling luck and incredible red cards. But unlike Warnock, Hughes has the clout to bring in proven strikers. Macheda didn’t cut it.