Date: 18th July 2012 at 3:45am
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Lucas's Robbie Fowler impression was winner in the dressing room

Lucas's Robbie Fowler impression was winner in the dressing room

Depending on who you believe Lucas or ‘Lucas Rodrigues Moura da Silva’ as he’s known to his mates, may have become the latest big money target for  United since last Summer’s practically non-existent pursuit of Wesley Sneijder -did we even bid for him?

The problem when United get linked with someone, is there are so many ‘experts’ who come out of the woodwork on various social networking sites and United forums to tell you how amazing said player is and how we desperately need him. Don’t get wrong there are those fans that have studied Brazilian football or whatever and do genuinely know their stuff but the problem for many of us, myself included, is that most of our knowledge comes from hearsay to Youtube.

In the case of Lucas Youtube and the opinion of pundits  are all most Reds have to go on when it comes to  just how good the Brazilian is. Of course that will all change in  a few weeks time when we get the chance to see him in the Olympics with many of us actually being given the opportunity to watch him play at Old Trafford.

What do we really know about Lucas though? Well first of all there’s all the stats which don’t tell us an awful lot if we’re brutally honest. Lucas will be twenty in August and has already carved out a name for himself as one of Brazil’s brightest talents, amassing a professional record of 104 appearances, 26 goals and 20 assists for Sao Paulo where he’s played since the age of 17.

Lucas can play in a variety of positions across the midfield but seems best suited as a winger and although he is stronger on his right foot, his left  could hardly be classed as ‘weak.’

The youngster’s main attribute seems to be his dribbling and I’m sure like myself you’ve already been dazzled by his skills on Youtube. The problem with Youtube is that it can make practically anyone look good, even Gabriel Obertan.

On the international front Lucas has scored goals at all levels for Brazil including a solitary strike for the full side, coming against none other than arch rivals Argentina.

For those who haven’t seen some of the Brazilians vast array of tricks check out this video :

The burning question is ‘do United really need him?’ Well if push comes to shove, arguably not ,with Nani, Young and Tony V all vying for only two spots but then again what side wouldn’t benefit from having a supremely talented Brazilian teenager amongst their number? Maybe the signing of Lucas could give United an extra much needed match winner, particularly in Europe.

The figures being bandied about range from anything between £25 to £35 million depending on who you believe, the only slight worry I have is that Lucas reminds me of a young Brazilian who dazzled us in the 1998 World Cup, who seemed capable of beating three defenders at once and was nicknamed ‘the Rembrandt of dribbling’ in a somewhat fitting Nike ad campaign. His name Denilson, he went on to cos Real Betis a still lofty even by today’s standards £21 million way back in 1998. Was Denilson a success in Spain? Betis were relegated in his second season but maybe I’m being ‘harsh’ with that comparison.

Lucas is talented of that their is no doubt, it remains to be seen if United put their money where their mouth was n’t with Sneijder last season.

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19 responses to “Who Is Lucas Moura & Why Is He Saying Those Terrible Things About Me?”

  1. watson says:

    you act like fergie’s only seen youtube videos and just buying him on a whim, according to reports we put a bid in 2 years ago. We have an extensive scouting network in south america. Its laughable to think you know what United need more than a man who’s built so many magic United squads, and about this decline, according to the press and fans every year United are in decline! Remember before the 06/07 season, united were done, Liverpool were the new challengers to Chelsea upcoming period of dominance, do i need to say anymore?

  2. George says:

    Sir seems not to have eye’s in signing this day.. Young, Jones and Anderson jus not in for United.. We need player like Lucas Moura and Sneijder in midfield.. Caric is a flb not anyway near good.. so plz Sir, it will definately be a big shame if we lose out on Moura.. Sneijder, Hazard and Modric pains is stil there. Another lose will be a big shame

    • chrisaus88 says:

      Jones is 19. He is an awesome talent. maybe the rigours of the title race got to him in the end but he was awesome earlier in the season & he will be again. Espescially if played in midfield.

    • markos Haile says:

      Absolutely yes, so many names linked with UTD and we miss them, but In the case of moura please do it!!!!

  3. Herbie Simms says:

    What ever happened to the deal with Douglas Costa?
    His club said 14 million. Has Fergie lost his mind?

  4. annono111 says:

    gee there are some total retards on here.

  5. markos Haile says:

    Capture him, he will be the new NO 7