Date:6th July 2012 at 3:46pm
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Two loyal Gooners dedicated to the Arsenal cause.....

Two loyal Gooners dedicated to the Arsenal cause.....

July 2011- A young lad by the name of Jonathan Mark Howson who grew up in Morley Leeds is given the permanent captaincy of his boyhood side Leeds United, every young boys dream growing up, surely the best moment of his life.

18th January 2012- The same young lad, still captain of his boyhood team, announces he is to leave the club, ok you think, Manchester United? Liverpool? Maybe Arsenal have come in for him?? No….. Norwich City. Now from the outside looking in I can see reasons as to this move, Howson has ambitions to crack the big time and has a better chance of doing so in the Premier League but are Norwich a bigger club than Leeds? I wouldn’t say so, put yourself in his position now, I know for me if I was captaining Man United, no matter how hard a time they had fallen upon that would be the top of the top and leaving them whilst club captain would be the last thing on my mind.

Football changes so rapidly these days that people lose their patience far too quickly and forget this, Leeds at this point still have an outside chance at promotion, Norwich are by no means safe in the Premier League, and now look at the situations, Neil Warnock, Championship promotion specialist in charge at Leeds and Lambert has upped sticks and moved onto Aston Villa. In 1 or 2 seasons who is to say where these 2 clubs will be? Don’t forget Norwich were 2nd bottom of League 1 just 3 seasons ago and Leeds were playing Barcelona in the Champions League 12 years ago!
No Loyalty to your local side- I could understand this if his local side was Accrington Stanley- languishing in League 2 and your talents deserve more but Leeds & Norwich are hardly worlds apart.

The Robin Van Persie saga this week reminded me of this and the lack of patience player’s show nowadays and getting that balance between loyalty and ambition, how many players have left Arsenal over the last 3 or 4 seasons to find pastures new? Nasri, Fabregas, Adebayor, Clichy, Toure, Flamini, Diarra- (Obviously the Fabregas transfer was a bit different to the others and you would never begrudge him that move) but if you combine this list of players with the current crop you have yourself a very strong looking team/squad indeed- throw Wilshere back in there also and I feel a title challenge would definitely not be beyond this side, yet players keep leaving citing lack of ambition or differing opinions on where the club is going….

Again I reiterate, I do not begrudge players making moves to the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, or even a new challenge when you have been at a club for a while but for me when I see players leaving clubs like Arsenal who, lets get it right, are a massive club with a great stadium, legendary manager, they are all but debt free and in the centre of one of the busiest most fashionable cities the world and sign for Man City, it doesn’t sit right with me, how are clubs expected to build anything anymore when players are so impatient and jump ship at the first opportunity?! Van Persie is a prime example, for so many seasons he disappoints (granted a lot of the time through injury) and then when he finally looks like the player Arsenal fans have been waiting all these years for, the player that Wenger has coached for the last 8 years to help him become the player he is today, what does he do? When’s the first bus to Manchester? (Assuming he is going to City)

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