Date: 8th August 2012 at 11:39am
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"Fergie sign them up!"

"Fergie sign them up!"

All the talk about Robin Van Persie and Lucas Moura seems to have detracted from two major signing’s United need to sort out before the season starts. Danny Welbeck and Nani are still to put pen to paper on new deals and it doesn’t seem the best way to start a new campaign, with two of our biggest star’s futures uncertain.

Speaking about Welbeck’s contract talks Sir Alex Ferguson had only this to say on the matter last month:

“It’s difficult to say where we are with that at this moment in time.”

At the time the general feeling was that United and Welbeck would no doubt ‘sort it out’ but as the season approaches no headway seems to have been made.

Although these things are alway open to speculation the general feeling seems to be that Welbeck is asking for around the £75,000 a week mark, while the club value his services at nearer £50,000 per week.

Don’t get me wrong £50,000 a week for a 21 year-old is a princely sum, but when you consider Chicharito, who Welbeck kept out of the side for most of last season earns around £80,000 – then asking for just below parity with him hardly seems like Welbeck being greedy.

We’ve seen this sort of behaviour from United before with Wes Brown keeping John O’Shea out of the side yet being offered less seemingly due to his loyalty. Why a player should be paid far less than a similar team mate, just because he’s Mancunian and loyal to the club is beyond me. Welbeck is a fully fledged England international, who’s proven at the top level and would easily command £100,000 a week if he was plying his trade at almost any other major club in Europe.

The whole Lucas circus has done nothing but simply highlight the extortionate money United would have to pay for even an unproven player and the fact we aren’t willing to spend it. The question is why are we not fighting tooth and nail to keep the wingers we do need, mainly Nani.

Back in June Nani stated: “I have had five seasons at Manchester United and have won all the titles,” Nani said. “Now I am really happy but I don’t know about my future. Now I will study opportunities. Football is not only about England or Spain. It is possible to enjoy success in other countries. My agent is waiting on news about United. We have presented a counter-offer and now we are waiting on an offer from the club.”

Not signing Eden Hazard or Lucas Moura is one thing, but not keeping one of our few match winners is another entirely and would be disastrous for United.

Nani and Welbeck were an integral part of the side that so nearly  won United’s twentieth title last season, I dread to think we go the same way as Arsenal and allow our top player’s contracts to run down until it’s too late.

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17 responses to “Forget RVP & Lucas, THESE 2 Are Vital Signings For United”

  1. elhair says:

    Sorry but if some one offered £20 million for Welbeck I’d snap there hand off. He isn’t good enough yet and we need a better striker than him if we are to get the title back. The Pea is our new Ole and is best from the bench. As for Nani for me he’s still not the finished artical after 5 years so will he ever? I would sell him for £25 mill if possible. But I hate it when we have a go at the club when contract time comes around. Welbeck is only worth £50 grand a week and if he improves Fergie will improve his contract as he has done in the past.

  2. PorkPie says:

    In what world is Danny Welbeck a star? At your local Tesco?

    You say:

    “Welbeck is a fully fledged England international, who’s proven at the top level and would easily command £100,000 a week if he was plying his trade at almost any other major club in Europe.”

    But you’re missing several levels of contingency here:

    As if every “fully fledged England international” past and present has been worthy of the position.

    As if being an England player meant the player is actually world class.

    As if any European club had expressed an interest in Welbeck.

    He’s a 21 year old striker with a 10 goal season under his belt. Let’s see how he does this season before we go about proclaiming his brilliance and financial worth.