Date: 6th August 2012 at 4:10pm
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Enjoy the racism, match fixing and boring football son.

Enjoy the racism, match fixing and boring football son.

I realise this is a few days old and many of you won’t even be bothered, but I came across this pic via the wonderful world of twitter and thought I’d share with it with the Paul Pogba fan club. The Frenchman’s decision to leave Manchester for Turin still leaves a bad taste in the mouth for many Reds as there’s little doubt he would have been a useful player for us over the next few seasons.

It wasn’t meant to be though and with wage demands reportedly higher than what Danny Welbeck currently earns, it was always going to be unlikely United would cede to a player- or his agent- with only a few first team appearances under his belt.

United can’t have too many complaints though as the youngster was accused of similar disloyalty by his first club Le Havre, “live by the sword die by the sword” as they say….


3 responses to “[Picture] Paul Pogba Poses With Juventus Shirt”

  1. Albasheer says:

    Don’t go so low to do all these. Pogba is gone, learn to accept that he chose Juve over united. The. Whole issue should have been forgotten by now. And about racism, has there been racism issue in England. Leave the boy alone and wish him luck. I am united fan but we have to accept we aren’t the only club that can attract players. Leave the boy alone, I know how badly you want him to flop. Wish you all the best Pogba. For the Pogbaphobia, greet me with drones of abuses, I am entitled to my own opinion

  2. Roger says:

    Might become a good player but I don’t have much respect for players who states that they shall be better than – in Pogbas case – Vieira, and demand huge wages before they have proved anything. See that Morisson, the other next World class player from our Youth ranks, now has been sent in loan from West Ham to Birmingham.

  3. Juventus fan says:

    Oh dear. Don’t be such ridiculous.