Date: 2nd September 2012 at 11:18pm
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Lindegaard – Really poor with the ball at his feet. Not much he could do about the goals though. De Gea in goal from now on please, Fergie. 6

Rafael – Should have done better for the first goal we conceded. Did try to attack and get the team back in the game with some runs into the opposition half but crosses lacked accuracy. 5

Rio – Stupidly played the opposition onside during the first goal build up. Redeemed himself by bagging an assist for the equaliser. 6

Vidic – No silly mistakes this time from the captain. Made some important tackles as the team went up looking for a goal, thus leaving the defence exposed. 7

Evra – Genuinely looked forward to writing a positive thing about him today after a decent first 50 minutes. Then he slipped and ruined it for himself. Idiot. 5

Valencia – Got a quality assist for our first but too often he took the ball, ran across the touch line and crossed it to nobody. 6

Carrick – He’s now our main midfield man so he’s got to do better than that. We know it, Fergie knows it too. Let’s just hope Michael does as well. 5

Cleverley – Half decent. Tried speeding the tempo up after we went a goal down but it just didn’t happen for him today. 5

Kagawa – Another midfielder who couldn’t do much right today. Touch looked off and creativity was lacking. He’ll be back to his best soon though. 5

Welbeck – Isolated out wide. He’s not a winger so I obviously don’t like to see him there. Worked hard to make up for it. 6

Van Persie – Scored three very good goals but his penalty will not go down well with the manager. He’s got to sort himself out because on another day we could have lost this and it would have been his fault. 8


Scholes – Nearly got an assist with his first touch. Took control of the game better than our three man midfield could. 8

Nani – Set up the winner with a wonderful cross. Who knew he could take corners? 8

Hernandez – Really impressed me with his touch and movement today. Lovely. 7


7 responses to “Player Ratings: United vs Southampton”

  1. Yushawu says:

    i really dont think welbeck deserves even 1 out of 10,fergie should do away with him on bench and give chicha more games.

  2. Levi says:

    Although we were poor I always felt those 2 goals were coming. I haven’t seen Carrick play that poorly for a while. Passed the ball away regularly and at other times he dwelled to long on it and had it knicked off his toes.

    Also think 7 for Vidic and 6 for Lindegaard is very generous.

  3. David Olabamire says:

    Wen a player didnt do well, it doesn’t mean u shoule be abusing them ” idiot, stupid etc” that realy show u dnt av much integrety also and lack hunan relation.
    anyway the players tried their best. dont forget the opposition (soton) does not come to sell gradnut either and if u watch their match against mancity even at the ethiad, u wil give ths lads (manutd) applause even to come from behind. UP UNITED

  4. John Tring says:

    Rafael and Evra: 2 , Carrick 3, Cleverley 3, Ferguson 0

  5. Phil k says:

    John tring troll: 0

  6. johnson says:

    what did lindegaard do wrong apart from the goals he could have done nothing about? too harsh a criticism, he’s not that much different from de gea at this stage. i concede de gea has more potential though.
    how is evra an idiot because he slipped? half the players slipped on the pitch that day, it’s unfortunate it led to a goal though