Date: 31st October 2012 at 10:50pm
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For a good period of the Capital One cup tie against Chelsea, it seemed like United would be upsetting the Londoners for the second time in three days. However, in-experience eventually took it’s toll on the reds, and meant Chelsea  were victorious with a 5-4 victory, after extra time.

Here are the Red Flag Flying High player ratings for tonights game:

Anders Lindergaard

Gobbled up all the bread and butter stuff, and showed good reflexes once or twice, getting down quickly to a close range shot from Moses on 75. A hand to the first penalty, and a good stop in the 21st minute of injury time. Was pretty much helpless with all five goals conceded. 7 (out of ten)

Rafael Da Silva

The ‘elder-statesman’ of the back four, and gave a mature performance on both sides of the defence. Terrier like, had timing, and doesn’t let the side down with steady performances such as this. 7

Michael Keane

Comfortable in the air, confident on the ground. A clean and tidy first 90 minutes, and didn’t look like an inexperienced defender facing the European champions.  Was lucky not to see red in injury time with a foul on Sturridge, but other than that looked assured. . 7

Scott Wootton

For 90 minutes, he fitted in nicely.  Injury time proved to be a few minutes too long for him as he gave away the penalty for Chelsea to bring it to 3-3, and wearily headed the ball in to Daniel Sturridge’s path for him to tap in their 4th in extra time.  A good prospect, despite two vital errors. 6

Alexander Buttner

Started the game confident and keen.  Looked good going forward, but under pressure tended to struggle with decision making. This showed with his challenge on Moses in the 30th minute to hand them a penalty. Substituted at half time. A valuable game to gain big match experience here in England, but must sharpen up on the back of performances like this to give Patrice Evra competition. 5


RFFH Star man. Was like an octopus in United’s midfield, covered ground, made incisive passes, and his interception for Giggs’ first goal was one of the most important touches of the game.  His pin point through ball for Hernandez’s goal was the measure of his performance, and it’s no co-incidence that United’s control of the game slipped somewhat when he was taken off. The kind of performance Anderson puts in if he gets a run in the team. 9

Darren Fletcher

Mr Dependable. Didn’t play like a guy who is still getting back to his best, although a few misplaced passes here and there in the first half that the Darren Fletcher of old wouldn’t have made showed that this was a game that was all part of his recovery. Looked comfortable as a second half right back. 6

Ryan Giggs

Old head on old shoulders – still showing why he’s an integral member of the squad. A cool finish for the first goal, and again for the penalty in the last minute of extra time. Picked up a needless booking in extra time, but was influential in the midfield for young subs Powell and Tunnicliffe. 7


Asked to play more central than his favoured wide right position, and it’s certain that he’s not designed to be there. However, despite the obvious discomfort, and a mixture of fortunes at times (losing the ball which eventually led to Chelsea’s second penalty), he made things happen.  Started and finished an excellent move for the third goal, lifting the ball over Cech in a way we’ve seen many times before from him. 8

Javier Hernandez

He’s definitely back in the swing of putting the ball in the net, and the Chicharito of old was with us yet again. A patient, finely taken goal, and the usual work rate from the Mexican. 8

Danny Welbeck

Playing on the left side, he didn’t put a foot wrong but again showed to me it’s a waste of his talent putting him there. Good work rate, but not his most effective performance in a red shirt. Is a centre forward, and isn’t as dangerous on the left of the centre. 6


Powell (For Buttner) Subtle performance. Didn’t put a foot wrong, and showed some promise. 6

Tunnicliffe (For Anderson) Added more inexperience to the midfield with Powell also in there, and probably found the game a bit heavy going. No faults, but couldn’t stamp any authority on the game. 6

Macheda (For Welbeck) A late substitute, with barely chance to make an impression on the game. 6


7 responses to “Player Ratings: Chelsea v Manchester United”

  1. xmas says:

    Aren’t you supposed to rate players on their actual performance rather than their potential? And are you really supposed to rate younger players relative to the senior ones? You’re grading on a curve.

    In other words, how on earth could you rate Wooton a 6 and Keane a 7? Sure they were playing against some big European names but they didn’t carry themselves well at all and proved they’re not even close to ready to leave the reserves.

    • I guess you’ve not read the ratings about Wootton and Keane properly.

      • xmas says:

        About Wootton, you’ve written “A good prospect, despite two vital errors.”

        My point was that the players shouldn’t be graded as prospects but on their actual performance. Wootton’s errors directly lead to 2 goals. If that had been one of our other CB’s, you’d have given him a 4 and said what a wretched game he’d had.

        As for what you wrote about Keane, I just disagree. He’s a 6.

        Though I’m directing all of this at you, I’m obviously just frustrated about how 3/4 of our defenders played last night. They were all 3 complicit in goals.

        Add to that the fact that neither Powell, Tunnicliffe, nor Macheda were able to impact the game at all and it makes one wonder about all these “prospects”!

        • Thanks Xmas – a bit selective though…I haven’t rated them on whether they’re a prospect or not – saying someone’s a good prospect is merely a comment. Prior to the bit you’ve quoted, I state my opinion of his performance which is: “For 90 minutes, he fitted in nicely. Injury time proved to be a few minutes too long for him as he gave away the penalty for Chelsea to bring it to 3-3, and wearily headed the ball in to Daniel Sturridge’s path for him to tap in their 4th in extra time.”

          It’s fine to have differing opinions, and I respect how you thought our players performed.

          However, “you’d have given him a 4 and said what a wretched game he’d had” is putting words in my mouth – I like to think it comes across that I base my ratings (on the occasions I’m asked to do them!) on their performance for the full game. It’s certainly what I do. If I was shallow minded enough to rate players just on a couple of incidents a) They wouldn’t be publised(!), and b) some players would earn minus.

          Thanks for reading, Xmas

  2. dingothered says:

    To be fair to Tunnicliffe it’s hard for a young inexpeirenced lad to come on off the bench to sucha frenetically paced game against the quslity of Ramires et al but he took time to cope, lost the ball in possesion and misplaced passes often at the start of his cameo

    Powell lost the ball a couple times but showed that he’s a skilfful lad with big promise.

    But my oh my Anderson… I just wish the guy could steer clear from injuries and try and maintain a good physical form. With those two conditions satisifed he could be the formidable player he shows hints of being.

    Also Nani, his flair sets him apart from the others at United, a really skillful tricky player who as the post reads made things happen.With a performance like that he’s done himself a load of good, but his lack of solidity when defending and tracking back will mean he’ll still lose out to Young. If only he could’ve ran to the corner flag and held it there, and we might be seeing our young lads go to Elland Road.

    • Thanks for reading, Dingo.

      Great point about Tunnicliffe and completely agree. I think it was tougher for him to go in to a midfield of Giggs and Powell than it would have been with Carrick and Anderson for instance, so as I wrote above – he didn’t put a foot wrong, but wasn’t able to make a mark on the game.

      Think he’s one to watch though and has every chance of making it.

  3. Anneeq Anwar says:

    Im normally very critical of Anderson, but il give credit where its due he played really well the other night!!! And Nani was mostly good as well, i wish both played like that much more often…….