Date: 23rd October 2012 at 10:59pm
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De Gea – Not much to do besides the two goals. Made a silly mistake late on in the second half. 5

Rafael – Guilty of poor position play in the first half but grew into the game once Nani came on. 6

Carrick – All over the place at the back, and cost us the second goal. What does it say to our youngsters that Sir Alex would rather play Carrick in defence instead of giving them a chance? Not impressed. 5

Evans – Made several key interceptions throughout the game and managed to score his first ever Champions League goal. 7

Büttner – His touch and dribbling skills are poor which means he loses the ball a lot. His enthusiasm makes up for some of it though. 5

Kagawa- Picked up an assist with a good cross but offered little cover for the defence. 5

Fletcher – Offered the midfield a foundation to fall back on after we started throwing men forward, and did a good job at it. 7

Cleverley – Spread the ball all over the pitch and set up our winner. A few more performances like today and he’ll make that CM position his own. 8

Rooney – Enjoying watching him play from deep but he looked out of place when we switched to 442. Has to adapt his game with so many strikers available. 6

Van Persie – Always involved and available to pass to. Developing a healthy relationship with all his strike partners. 7

Hernandez – I’ve been critical of his performances but he was world class today. His play off the ball was ‘Inzaghi-esque’ at times. 9


Nani – Brought some much needed speed and direct play to the team. 7

Giggs – Added extra cover for Büttner after we took the lead. 6


6 responses to “Player Ratings: United vs SC Braga”

  1. chrisaus88 says:

    Buttners dribbling is poor? Could’ve had two penalties. Rooney needs to adapt his game? Rooney is probably the most adaptable footballer i have ever seen.

    When i mostly agree with you it’s maybe harsh to pick on two things, but they seem way off to me.

    • Ireof theDevil says:

      Agree with you there. Can’t fault Buttner’s enthusiasm and willingness to beat his man.
      As for Rooney he IS one of the most adaptable of the united squad.
      I also felt like the ref had it in for us a bit like he was trying extra hard not to appear biased for the home team

  2. Ez says:

    Buttner‘s dribbling poor????!!!
    What’s wemrong with your observation now days. Could have won us a clear penalty!!

  3. Alan says:

    Who the hell posts this shit…. Total Crap…
    Rooney… Buttner…

  4. lamar says:

    This gotta be a joke. Buttner was grreat yesterday. Carrick sucks and has no business back there. Rooney was a constant threat the whole game. Did you even watch the game?

  5. McGrath says:

    In fairness to Carrick after the 2nd goal he didn’t do a lot wrong and got better as the game went on. I recall Bruce get skinned a few times like Carrick was for the 2nd goal but Bruce would foul his way out of the situation and that is probably what Carrick should have done and take the yellow card. He wasn’t the last man so it wouldn’t have been red.

    Ultimately if Rio plays well on Sunday and we take the 3 points then Fergie will have made the right decision resting Rio. Who can honestly say we would have the game last night with a young defender playing against a skilful Portugese side? We can’t say for sure.