Date: 6th November 2012 at 4:57pm
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Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex salutes the fans that owe him so much

Here at Red Flag Flying High we love nothing more than to engage with our readers.

If you guys didn’t criticize every single thing we write, day after day, week after week, our lives wouldn’t be worth living. So today, we are asking for you to get involved.

The 6th November 2012 marks a huge occasion in football history as the most successful manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson, celebrates 26 years in charge of our famous club.

From the good, to the bad, to the down right stupid – we would like you to put forward your suggestions about Fergies tenure at United.

Who are the key players that have kept him in a job this long?

What is his greatest achievement?

Who was his worst ever signing?

What is his most memorable moment?

Do you think he has ever cried – if so, when and why?

Who do you think received the worst hair dryer treatment over the 26 years?

Please leave your suggestions in the comment box below along with your name, and we will give a Twitter shout out to those who give us their best memories and opinions about this true football legend.

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4 responses to “26 Years of Sir Alex: Tell Us His Best & Worst Moments”

  1. arif says:

    who is the toughest football club manager you ever faced?

  2. arif says:

    who is the player you were most really want/wish to sign but can’t/failed to?

  3. NathonW says:

    Mark Robbins – saviour of Fergie with ‘that’ FA Cup goal.

    Roy Keane – His best signing. Was his voice on the pitch.

    Biggest mistake – letting Becks go for reasons outside of football.

  4. DDev says:

    1. Key players: The class of ’92, King Eric, Roy Keane…and Mark Robins 🙂
    2. Greatest achievement: Treble ’99, and off course knocking the losers off their perch
    3. Worst signing ever: has to be Djemba-Djemba (and probably Bebe will join him at the top, but we’ll give him some time)
    4. Most memorable moment: “Football…bloody hell!”
    5. I really can’t imagine SAF crying.
    6. Worst hair-dryer treatment: Beckham (dryer and a boot)