Date:18th November 2012 at 7:18pm
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If you journey back to the early 90s, Norwich City against Manchester United would have been a real clash of the titans, top of the table, heavyweight encounter. 

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t regard the canaries as a ‘massive’ club, or even a big club for that matter – and they certainly do not have a history to die for – but early Premier League years did see the boys in yellow compete at the top.

Twenty years on and Norwich have been one of those yo-yo clubs; up, down, up, down, down further, up and up again – and yesterday they demonstrated enough qualities to show why they are back in the top flight.

Out-fought, out-run, out-played; in a game with limited chances, Norwich edged it, taking their one good chance.

For United, there was literally nothing created.

At the back there were a few wobbles, but nothing we have not seen over the past two months. This time, there were no strikers to bail the reds out of trouble. A very bad day for Valencia and Young, with RVP extremely quiet too.

Trying to pick a Man of the Match from the boys who played yesterday is an impossible task. They were all as bad as each other.

Despite being taken off in the 70th minute, my Man of the Match is Javier Hernandez.

Like most, I believe Hernandez is at his best coming from the bench as an impact sub – and yesterday did not tell me otherwise.

The Little Pea did not do much to justify his selection as my Man of the Match, but he did a darn sight more than anybody else.

He chased every ball, tracked back well and did not let the Norwich defenders rest. Yes, this is what he usually does and ordinarily would not be a performance to be remembered by the Mexican hitman – but on a day when not one United player made themself count, this was enough to win the vote.

Once Hernandez left the pitch, so did any chance of United salvaging something from this poor match.

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