Date: 16th November 2012 at 8:31am
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Another game, another goal......

Another game, another goal……

In the Summer as soon as the idea of the Premier League’s top scorer coming to Old Trafford was mooted, I along with many other Reds reacted with an explosion of incredulity that such a move could possibly happen.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want a player of RVP’s class wearing the red of United, it was simply I could not imagine it really happening. In fact if I’m completely honest, there’s still a part of me that thinks it hasn’t happened and sooner or later, I’m gonna wake up and realise we signed Lucas Moura instead. Part of the reason I couldn’t realistically imagine United signing the Dutchman was due to his importance to the Arsenal side and even with only a year left on his contract, the notion of Arsene Wenger holding on to him for an extra season and receiving no transfer fee seemed more likely than the Gunners boss cashing in on him, even for a ridiculously generous offer.

When it began to look as though RVP was actually on his way to Old Trafford there were more than a few of us, who despite being chuffed to bits, made the comment that we could still be a force without him although his signing would obviously be a big boost. Fast forward a few months and it’s almost impossible to imagine how United coped before RVP arrived, such has been his impact on the side. The striker has not only bagged a staggering eleven goals in 14 appearances, he’s also been at the very heart of much of the Reds attacking play and has convinced many of us that the title is destined to be delivered back to its rightful home.

Such is Robin  Van Persie’s importance that any time he so much as winces under a challenge, you can almost hear a collective sudden intake of breath from everyone inside Old Trafford. One only has to look at how Arsenal have struggled this campaign, to see how much they’re missing their former talisman.

The almost scary thing to some of us, is just how vital RVP seems to be to United, even the game against Braga needed the Dutchman’s intervention to turn it from a defeat to a victory. Relying heavily on a player isn’t necessarily a bad thing, after all messrs Ronaldo and Cantona were fundamental players to the cause in past campaigns. As long as United keep winning, it shouldn’t matter which players are responsible, it’s just both shocking and impressive how much the team seems to centre around the former Arsenal man.

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While very few Reds would actually doubt Van Persie could carry us to glory, the question remains can we still cope without him should needs be? Danny Welbeck’s recent England goal, Chicharito’s hat-trick against Villa and Rooney’s adaptability would surely make us think so, let’s just hope we don’t have to test that theory anytime soon.


2 responses to “Robin Van Persie: Already Vital To United”

  1. José says:

    As long as I can remember, United (and all good teams) have a attacking focal point, Rooney for the past few seasons, CR7 before that and a long list before him. We can play Rooney, Welbeck or Chicharito in that position with confidence, or failing that 2 up top. My worry is can we afford to continue to gift the opposition 2 goals from the off. Our attacking options are possibly the best of any club team in the world, should we not look at our defence???

  2. Yea we r benefitin 4rm him n we stil cnuntin his goal dis season