Date: 16th November 2012 at 1:18am
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United’s stand-in skipper Patrice Evra has started the first real war of words offensive of the season against ‘noisy’ neighbours Manchester City with some comments which seem certain to annoy the current champions. 

Speaking to Gazzetta Dello Sport Evra noted:

“There is not really a rivalry between the two clubs, as United have always been superior to City,”

 “We have always been Manchester’s first club. The fact that they won the title last season changes nothing.”

While Evra has never been shy of courting some form of controversy, it’s unusual to see him so vocal about one of our rivals. United fans will no doubt agree with the Frenchman’s assessment although it would be ludicrous to take them at face value. Regardless of who the Premier League title contenders are there’s always a rivalry- even when it was the likes of Blackburn and Newcastle- but Evra does have a point in that the current champions have a long way to go to truly challenge United in terms of who’s Manchester’s bigger club.

Cue lots of angry comments from City fans….


10 responses to ““United Have Always Been Superior To City””

  1. david says:

    city credited rene’s outburst last season ( as pin-it-on-the-wall motivation for there title comeback, so it would just be best if players/staff stopped talking about them and got on with the job.

  2. Blueboy says:

    Not angry, will just put it on the wall of the dressing room in 3 weeks time…..thanks Patrice!! 🙂

  3. sky blue heaven says:

    At this time?
    More Famous? Yes
    Bigger Club? Yes
    Bigger Fan Base? Yes
    More Trophies? Obviously
    Superior? In what way? Does this mean better?
    Better Fans? Bitter? Very and it used to be us.
    Better Ground Old Trafford? A posh Maine Rd.
    Better Owners? Hahahaha
    Better Team? No not at all
    Better Prospects? No
    Better Future? No

  4. mm says:

    How ironic,
    City are the noisy neighbours but united keep on rolling them out to tell us how much better they are than City. A distinct lack of class as ever from the arrogant ones.

  5. Mattyrocketfuel says:

    I’m happy to start things off – Evra’s comments are laughable really. I could real off a list of reasons why United have not always been Manchester’s biggest. You may be now but so what? To say there is no rivalry is not only disrespectful to City but also United as well. I think Evra needs a history lesson!

  6. José says:

    I wouldn’t get carried away with any report that has been translated to English from the Players home language, Just like Carlos Tevez’ interview last week. many phrases are lost in translation. For example when Mancini asked Tevez to warm up and play for mancity in Munich, he understood that to mean take 6 months off and go play golf in your warmer homeland of Argentina. Shows how easily things can be misunderstood.

  7. ListenAndLearn says:

    city are desperate to be our equals, funny because they never will be

  8. Greg says:

    Reel them in Patrice! What sort of a comment is you havent always been the biggest you are now but so what?? are you sure we live in the present children!

    • Mattyrocketfuel says:

      It’s a bit like Evra saying “you might be the better team now but so what?” which is exactly what this article is about

  9. des says:

    was goal was goal