Date:25th December 2012 at 2:54am
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Tony V - remember him?

Tony V – remember him?

There are many mysteries in football: how Alan Smith has a job as a pundit, why any manager seriously thinks Stewart Downing is England class and when will it actually be Liverpool’s year? One thing that remains bigger mystery than all of the aforementioned, is the form of United’s Ecuadorian winger Antonio Valencia.

The strange thing about Tony V is not that he’s been playing poorly for practically the entire season, it’s just HOW badly he’s been playing, at times he’s been beyond awful and this is a player who’s capable of being one of the most dangerous wingers in the world, a player capable of beating any full back, providing inch perfect crosses and generally dominating a game from the right side of midfield.

Take a look at some of United’s games this season Norwich, Sunderland, Villa, Arsenal and especially Swansea have seen Valencia well below par, he’s been reluctant to run at the defence, seems indecisive and far too often when he is in space and does pick out a pass, it’s beyond poor. First of all allow me to stop and say, I am a fan of Valencia, like most Reds I believe he needs a break from the first team, to recharge his batteries and maybe even work with a sports psychologist on his confidence. Sounds crazy? Well let me ask you, does Valencia look confident? Does he seem like the player that came back from that horrific injury against Rangers over two seasons ago to be even stronger?

Valencia in his current form, is a liability, he’s actually been a detriment to the side and this may sound melodramatic, but if Sir Alex doesn’t act swiftly we may never get the ‘old’ Tony V back. Maybe it’s the pressure of the coveted number 7 shirt, maybe it’s a bit of fatigue that he’s not really had time to recover from, maybe it’s the weight of expectation. Whatever it is, needs addressing and quickly.

All I want for Christmas is the same Antonio Valencia back that destroyed any left back put in front of him, the one who gives Ashley Cole more nightmares than a Cheryl interview, the one who Real Madrid wanted but couldn’t have…….

Am I overstating the problem with Valencia? Is his form not that bad? Can we really afford to drop him and rely on the likes of Ashley Young and Nani?

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