Date: 25th December 2012 at 2:54am
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Tony V - remember him?

Tony V – remember him?

There are many mysteries in football: how Alan Smith has a job as a pundit, why any manager seriously thinks Stewart Downing is England class and when will it actually be Liverpool’s year? One thing that remains bigger mystery than all of the aforementioned, is the form of United’s Ecuadorian winger Antonio Valencia.

The strange thing about Tony V is not that he’s been playing poorly for practically the entire season, it’s just HOW badly he’s been playing, at times he’s been beyond awful and this is a player who’s capable of being one of the most dangerous wingers in the world, a player capable of beating any full back, providing inch perfect crosses and generally dominating a game from the right side of midfield.

Take a look at some of United’s games this season Norwich, Sunderland, Villa, Arsenal and especially Swansea have seen Valencia well below par, he’s been reluctant to run at the defence, seems indecisive and far too often when he is in space and does pick out a pass, it’s beyond poor. First of all allow me to stop and say, I am a fan of Valencia, like most Reds I believe he needs a break from the first team, to recharge his batteries and maybe even work with a sports psychologist on his confidence. Sounds crazy? Well let me ask you, does Valencia look confident? Does he seem like the player that came back from that horrific injury against Rangers over two seasons ago to be even stronger?

Valencia in his current form, is a liability, he’s actually been a detriment to the side and this may sound melodramatic, but if Sir Alex doesn’t act swiftly we may never get the ‘old’ Tony V back. Maybe it’s the pressure of the coveted number 7 shirt, maybe it’s a bit of fatigue that he’s not really had time to recover from, maybe it’s the weight of expectation. Whatever it is, needs addressing and quickly.

All I want for Christmas is the same Antonio Valencia back that destroyed any left back put in front of him, the one who gives Ashley Cole more nightmares than a Cheryl interview, the one who Real Madrid wanted but couldn’t have…….

Am I overstating the problem with Valencia? Is his form not that bad? Can we really afford to drop him and rely on the likes of Ashley Young and Nani?

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31 responses to “All I Want For Christmas Is The Old Antonio Valencia Back”

  1. I agree perfectly with the writer… I tot i was the only one who have seen that Valentcia has become a liability. is it because Nani is on his way out? what happen to his speed and crosses? why does he slow dow on the final pitch? Fergie really have to look at this situation!

  2. Simon says:

    It’s simple….defenders knw to get him on his left foot…he can’t even pass the ball with his left foot…shocking in this day and age

  3. inaro says:

    nani he d best man. If fixguson like it or not 4 united to win league he av to be used nani.

  4. kabir says:

    Its being long I play soccer but I believe I can play better than the current Verlencia, he has been pathetic. I just can’t believe it. Nani pls come back we need u.

  5. St says:

    Ever since someone nicked his camera, he’s been shit

  6. scholes sammy says:

    SAF should drop valencia t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ right back and play rafael in 7 cos †ђξ young can run past any left back b’cos I’m tired ☀̤̣̈̇f this fat ass valencia! He corrupt our counter attack always and he wait over 20 second before passing….he suck SAF should loan him out t̶̲̥̅̊ợ̣̣̇̇̇ africa local league team may βƸ̴ he gonna regain his form then….

  7. Vik says:

    i just cant believe all the fuss about Antonio..okay fair enough, he has been below par..but he just came from injury..and he made his comeback against City..did you not watch the game?? he defended as well as linked up the play..i guess not everyone is grateful enough..

    what about Rooney?? nobody tells anything..did you guys saw him against Swansea..he was crap..stop blaming the most committed player on the field..Valencia will be back.

  8. Andrew says:

    I completely agree and I have been saying for a while that Valencia needs a break from first team duties. I agree with a comment above….if we want to win the league title and beat Real Madrid….then we need the old Valencia back.

    The biggest problem is our lack of options on the wings. We need either Kagawa or Nani back quickly because both are taking ages to return from their injuries.

  9. sean says:

    The biggest problem is he’s one footed one dimensional and never stops hugging that line, I’m still wondering how he won player of the year last season and got the number 7. At the beginning of the season Nani’s confidance was lower than his but he could still beat one or two opponents before messing up. Your baffled but I’m sure by the end of the season you’ll start realising maybe this guy ain’t at the level you thought he is

    • Dom says:

      I completely agree with,Valencia is one overrated footballer whose only trick was pace and a good early cross,now since he’s lost a yard of pace and that his crosses never even go past the first defender,what is he still doing in the first eleven?yet you’ll see blinded fans rating him above Nani whom I feel is very undervalued,for all his inconsistency still offers a genuine goal threat plus always has an assist in him.

  10. Alex Edwards says:

    He seems far to indecisive at the moment. He takes an age to pick out a pass, is reluctant to take on the defender and his crossing seems aimless. No doubt he only needs a break and hopefully we will see him return to last seasons form.