Date:23rd December 2012 at 11:58pm
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De Gea – Did well when dealing with an aerial threat. Some people have claimed he should have done better for the goal but that’s nonsense. It was a fantastic save to get a had on the initial shot in the first place. No way he was liable for it going back into the danger area. 7

Jones – Never really got going down the right hand side. There was no sign of his usual powerhouse self busting up and down that channel and whipping in those dangers crosses he’s known for. Did well defensively. 5

Vidic – Rusty at the start and his positioning was all over the place. Grew into the game looked a lot more comfortable on and off the ball. 6

Evans – Strong at the back but took a while to get started too. Would have liked more of him when on the ball in terms of supporting the midfield. 6

Evra – I don’t know how but for some reason he seems to be scoring a lot of goals directly from our corners even though he’s one of the shortest players on the pitch. Not complaint, mind. More please! 8

Valencia – Been saying this for a while now but today, somehow, he managed to play even worse than he has been lately. We all know the talent is there but the heart and mind isn’t. Scared of challenges, slow to read the game, afraid to beat his man and can’t cross the ball past the first man in the box. If we sell Nani now, it would be a catastrophe. 2

Carrick – My MOTM for the third match running now. Yes, I’m a big Carrick fan but he genuinely has been that good without being too biased. Today he was the only player that stood up and tried to grab the game by the balls whilst others went through the motions. 8

Cleverley  – Completely opposite of his midfield partner, he lacked any real influence and determination on the pitch. Was a bystander when the going got tough. 5

Young – Another mixed performance from Ashley. His passing competition was atrocious in the first half but throughout the game he was looking for the ball and ready to be involved in our attacks. 6

Rooney – It’s not his fitness. Let me just start by getting that out the way. The number of times he was through on goal but delayed or made the wrong choice was painful to watch. My issue with Wayne is his decision-making, attitude and his concentration. To me, that’s why he’ll never be world class but simply always a very, very good footballer. A world class player can still do the basic things right when having a bad game. Wazza can’t. 2

Van Persie – Here’s an example of someone who is ‘world class’. Didn’t have the best of games but he still kept the ball well and linked up with his teammates, his touch was superb and he nearly scored a goal that would have made King Eric jealous. He plays the game like he’s always a step or two ahead of everyone else. 7


Hernandez – It’s all well when you’re creating chances and scoring but when you’re not creating anything, why would you send on someone who can’t do anything outside the 18 yard box? Had nothing to do all game bar one chance which he fluffed. 4

Giggs – Called for Ryan to be brought on at half-time but once he did, he was tremendous. Calm, confident and disciplined, he always looked like a goal-threat. 7

Scholes – Five minutes. Five minutes on the pitch and he still managed to get himself booked. Five minutes! 5