Date: 21st January 2013 at 7:47am
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Already looking like the bargain of the Summer

Already looking like the bargain of the Summer


Robin Van Persie. He’s good isn’t he? I mean, we all knew that he was good, but he’s GOOD.

People say we are a one man team, which is untrue, but if it were, what a man he is. Scoring goals, annoying Piers Morgan and forcing thousands of Manchester United fans to question their sexuality, he really has found his home at Old Trafford.

One chance is all he needs. One chance is all he had at White Hart Lane and he took it with aplomb. He also showed his worth to the team with some good defensive work.

It wasn’t enough to win us the game today, but he has been enough to win us plenty of games this season.

David De Gea

Possibly at fault for the goal, but in truth, he kept us in it for most the match. The only thing cooler than the weather today, was our Spanish keeper.

Despite criticism from everybody outside Old Trafford, it seems as though De Gea has been working hard improving his game. His punching has improved immensely, well, most of the time.

Today proved that De Gea is an integral part of this Manchester United team, and can be for years to come. The run in the first team has really aided his development, and he will definitely get better.

Also, it is clear that he is majorly under-rated by most, apart from the important people.

Rio Fedinand

Some say he’s past it, that he has lost a yard of pace. Some say that Evans should start ahead of him. In reality, he’s still probably the best centre back we have at the club, as he proved today.

His awareness, timing and passing from the back is second to none. His block on Jermain Defoe, in the second half, was world class. As was his all round play.

Some will think that I’m saying these things to get a free #5 cap. But I feel that Rio is undervalued by a lot of Manchester United fans. Not on the scale of Patrice Evra, but still undervalued.

If he can stay fit, today shows that he has to be our first choice defender. If him and Vidic can both stay fit, then even better.


A team playing with two in form wingers. I almost remember the time when that statement could be about Manchester United.

From his seat, on our bench, something should have clicked for Antonio Valancia. While watching Bale and Lennon get the ball, then look to beat their man, Valencia probably thought “Oh. I used to do that”

Young, Nani and Valencia. On form, they are more than a match for Spurs’ wide-men. Today showed the importance of getting Young and Nani fully fit and discovering who stole Valencia’s mojo.


This will be an unpopular one amongst the United faithful, but I think it has to be said. Yes he’s new. Yes he’s adapting to the league. Yes he’s kind of playing out of position. But to be honest, he’s not doing much at the minute.

With players coming back from injury, Kagawa is going to find it hard to get a game, unless he picks his form up. With a fully fit squad, he won’t be in the team with the form he has shown.

Other players get stick for one mediocre performance. Kagawa seems to have escaped any criticism what so ever, for a string of mediocre performances.

Today, and other weeks have shown that he really needs to step it up, if he has any plans of cementing his place in our first team. I do think that he has the quality to be a Manchester United player. He just needs to start to show it.


2 responses to “Five Things We Learned: United v Spurs”

  1. Will says:

    Once i read:”Young, Nani and Valencia. On form, they are more than a match for Spurs’ wide-men”

    Your credibility went out the window.
    Thank god when Fergie goes we wont have to endure such bull effluent from you lot.

  2. pjch says:

    I just hope RVP stays fit. If he gets injured where are we going to get the goals from apart from Chico.