Date: 21st January 2013 at 8:38am
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Is Galatasaray's gain United's loss?

Is Galatasaray’s gain United’s loss?

The proposed move of Wesley Sneijder to Manchester United which seem to last all through the previous two Summers finally seems to be at an end. 

The Dutch midfielder appears to have agreed a deal with Turkish side Galatasaray and if this picture is anything to go by then its all but finalised.

With all due respect to Galatasaray it seems such a shame and a waste that a player who was coveted by United for so long and who would no doubt have made a big impact at the Theatre of Dreams couldn’t take a pay cut to ply his trade in Manchester.

I’m not one for rumour and conjecture but it seems Sneijder was all but set for a move to M16 last season until his wage demands scuppered the deal. Galatasaray are a big Turkish club of that there’s little doubt but Sneijder could have played for one of the biggest clubs in the world and been a star for us. Ah well cest la vie and all that….


5 responses to “[Picture] Wesley Sneijder Transfer Saga Finally Comes To An End”

  1. greenhoff77 says:

    Good ….hopefully we can have a few years without Sneijder’s name being linked with us…

    if he had of signed for us it would of been good, but for a few years it had been touted that he was and then he wasnt his wages where to high he wanted a house providing blah blah blah……..enjoy turkey Sneijder.

  2. pjch says:

    Yet another world class player is allowed to sign for someone else. Sneijder would have been perfect yesterday when we needed someone to play a killer ball through to the strikers. And at the price he is being sold for it is folly for SAF not to sign him

    • greenhoff77 says:

      i dont think the price put united off it was the added extras he wanted ….240,000 per week.

  3. Farguson sopose 2 buy 2player b4 dis transfer window close

  4. Nate says:

    Thank God. I was about to loose it if he had been connected with manchester united any longer.