Date: 3rd January 2013 at 7:38pm
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You can always rely on Manchester City to give us all something to laugh about, even on a quiet Thursday afternoon. Pictures of Roberto Mancini ‘dancing’ round the training pitch with a handful of Mario Balotelli’s bib have been all over the news as City still don’t seem to realise it’s time to erect a fence around their training ground- or maybe jettison the Italian striker.

These scenes are nothing new to the circus over at the Blue half of Manchester….

Kevin Keegan clashes with Danny Tiatto against Norwich

Kevin Keegan clashes with Danny Tiatto against Norwich

January 2002 City manager Kevin Keegan wrestles with Danny Tiatto after the Aussie is sent off during a game against Norwich City at Maine Road.






January 2013 City manager Roberto Mancini wrestles with Mario Balotelli during training.

Roberto Mancini and Mario Balotelli clash during training.

Roberto Mancini and Mario Balotelli clash during training.

Maybe former Chief Executive Garry Cook had a point when he declared of City:

 “comedy has always been at the heart of what this club is all about……”


10 responses to “[Pictures] 11 Years On Things Never Change At Manchester City”

  1. Ching Chong Wang at Orudo Tlafford says:


  2. kev says:

    At least Roberto doesnt throw boots at his players head!

    • chrisaus88 says:

      He kicked it actually. Get your facts straight before barging onto our site. Make you look bitter.

  3. blueshy says:

    Cantona kung fuing a fan live on tele! Or ferguson kicking a boot at Beckham? Class my back end

  4. Glowey says:

    Yes we like to give everyone something to laugh at, like fergie and Jones’s faces at about 10 to 5 on May 13th last year, hilarious!

  5. chrisaus88 says:

    Looks like Mancini is just joking around.

  6. chrisaus88 says:

    Seen the rest of the photo’s now. They look much worse. Erect a fence guys.

  7. Remind me, who was the irrational tosser who threw a boot at David Beckham?

    • chrisaus88 says:

      Go back to your own site. I don’t go to Man City fan sites to comment, Mostly ‘cus you don’t have any, but still the point stands.

  8. Ha ha the Emptihad is better than the Frog & Bucket! They’re a joke but let’s face it, give a tramp a lottery win & he’ll blow it all eventually… Classless. Good to see the customary empty seats all over the council house at the weekend and that stupid backward dance they nicked off that lot in that little Euro tie a few years ago. Tell us Bertie’s, if you weren’t being bitched by Arabs where would you be right now??