Date: 23rd January 2013 at 10:13am
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"Must stop thinking about Ferguson, must stop thinking about Ferguson.."

“Must stop thinking about Ferguson, must stop thinking about Ferguson..”

Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez simply cannot help himself when it comes to talking about his favourite subject: Sir Alex Ferguson. The former Liverpool boss famously dedicated almost an entire press conference with a list of ‘facts’ as to why the United boos tried to exert pressure on the authorities and somehow received special treatment.

Over three years on it seems Benitez still can’t let go of his fixation with Ferguson,  who was asked to explain his comments about Simon Beck the assistant referee from Sunday’s game at White Hart lane.

ESPN reports Benitez stating:

“I always try to concentrate on my job, but at that time with Ferguson I was defending my club,” Benitez said in an interview with The Times. “I could see what was happening from my point of view, and maybe now a lot of people are seeing the same things. I will not talk too much about that because it’s obvious.

“It’s a question for the FA what they do about it. What I said at that time was what I thought, and what I’m seeing now is similar. It depends on the FA. I don’t know what they will do – it depends on them.”

You can view Benitez’s rant at Sir Alex from the 2008/09 season here:

Benitez seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Sir Alex maybe due to the fact hat the United boss is still going strong while the Spaniard has struggled ever since he won the FA Cup with Liverpool in 2006.

Former Leeds boss Simon Grayson once noted:

“I think all managers have huge respect for each other but you’re not going to all get along with each other,” said Grayson.

“They’ll be disagreements on the touchline. We played Liverpool last season in the Carling Cup and Rafa came to speak to me in my office for ten minutes before the game and all he wanted to talk about was Sir Alex. I just listened and disagreed and didn’t say anything.”

Benitez s already feeling the pressure at Chelsea having turned a four point gap into an eleven point one at the top of the table, losing the World Club Cup and facing a backlash from fans who didn’t want Roberto Di Matteo to leave.

The Chelsea boss has also come under fire from Marco Materazzi who claimed Benitez was “weak” and took down pictures of predecessor Jose Mourinho at the club’s training ground. Benitez responded in yet another astonishing rant labelling Materazzi “a liar.”


4 responses to “Rafa Benitez Obsession With Sir Alex Continues”

  1. Pet says:

    Funny how Benitez states everytime he talks about something evolving SAF that he won`t talk much about it. Well why do you keep this obsession with him in the media ongoing?
    Last time you made a fool of yourself with the famous facht rant, your team got a dip in form, hope the same happens now.

  2. YAYA WHO @ YAHOO says:

    Benitez is totally crippled, poor, unsuccesful person / FACT (btw!) :-))

  3. NUR says: