Date: 18th January 2013 at 8:03am
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Time to finally forget about the Dutchman coming to Old Trafford

If there’s one name I’m sick of hearing more than perhaps a certain Uruguayan striker then it’s without a doubt that of ‘will he won’t he’ midfielder Wesley Sneijder.

The Dutchman has been involved in one of the most drawn out transfer sagas in United’s history with a deal that was once seemingly imminent, then allegedly collapsed due to wage demands, now supposedly back on – maybe.

The guardian notes:

The Holland international, who has been marginalised at Internazionale after reportedly failing to agree a new contract on reduced terms, has stalled on a €10m (£8m) transfer to Galatasaray as he holds out for an offer from a major Premier League club. The Turkish club have given Sneijder until the weekend to make a decision on his future and, in an attempt to increase interest from England, his representatives have indicated he would take a pay cut to join the likes of United and Liverpool.

I’m sorry to sound bitter but Sneijder had his chance with United, he could’ve joined us last season and been the difference between a near miss and title number 20. He may have got more money for keeping the Nerazzurri bench warm but for a player entering the autumn of his career, you would have thought the chance of playing for another big club would’ve been more attractive.

Sneijder wouldn’t have exactly been on the breadline at Old Trafford plus he would’ve been joining a side suited to his playing style and dare I say willing to revolve around him somewhat. Fast forward several months and it’s a different animal altogether. Shinji Kagawa has joined, Tom Cleverley has progressed and Anderson has finally showed what he’s capable of. Yes Sneijder would be a benefit to any squad and at less than £10 million is hardly expensive, but do we really need him? I think not. If that means letting Liverpool have him then so be it, at least he’s not going to one of our rivals….

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13 responses to “Time For United To Let Liverpool Have Transfer Target”

  1. Chips says:

    So you clearly are clueless as to who your REAL rivals are! Am surprised at how 6 days do to Manures! Is your memory that short! Even Fergie knows better who your biggest rival is that’s why you celebrate all year for winning against us as if you have already won the league. Going past us is such a relief for you guys and you cannot be heard contradicting your sir when he publicly confirmed his relief and good feeling at beating The Great Liverpool. Now that’s aBIG name, do you think your little brain can remember that tomor?

    • Nosa says:

      How in your dumbest dreams can u ever tink lpool are rivals to Utd..rivals on what? Seriously ask ur dumb face in the mirror..rivals to what?

    • Nosa says:

      How in your dreams can u ever tink lpool are rivals to Utd..rivals on what? Seriously ask ur dumb face in the mirror..rivals to what?

    • Nosa says:

      How in your dreams can u ever tink lpool are rivals to Utd..rivals on what? Seriously ask ur face in the mirror..rivals to what?

    • Nosa says:

      How in your retard dreams can u ever tink lpool are rivals to Utd..cos fergie enjoys beating ur club is what tickles ur fancy now..rivals on what? Seriously ask ur dumb face in the mirror..rivals to what?..

    • Carson says:

      You’re in 8th place.
      You still chant about a tournament you don’t have a prayer of qualifying for.
      You haven’t played in the CL since 2009, when you failed to get out of the group, finishing 6 points behind 2nd placed Lyon, and 8 points behind group leaders Fiorentina.
      You were great once.
      So was Nottingham Forest.

  2. Elias banda says:

    The reason why benat , wesley sneider,siem de jong,mvila and also michu couldnt and cant be signed its cause he wants allen us his first choice which will make the team fall . Why not put suso in that area.who is not afraid to go forward with the ball. Danglish got himself down cause he sticked with underperfomers

  3. pj stretford end says:

    How is it the longest drawn out transfer its all been press speculation.
    Have united ever put a bid in no they have not.
    have they ever spoken to the player or had permission to speak to the player the answer is no.
    United and fergie in particular has never expressed and in interest publically in him.
    I would love to see him sign but I think there is little or no chance as fergie has said he is happy with the present midfield

  4. Philip says:

    The great liverpool is dead, what we have is an ordinary liverpool fighting to survive

  5. Jon Wilmot says:

    Actually think he would be a good fit for Tottenham and am surprised they haven’t shown more of an interest. Saying that, his wages and age are prohibitive – more to the point for United, he plays in an area of the field we have plenty of options already and he has had TEN separate injuries in the last 18 months. We need a combative CM, not waste our money on him. Liverpool probably need to gamble. We don’t.

  6. Nosa says:

    Yo! Chips clown..quit ur baby rants,yes utd don’t consider liverpool as rivals which isn’t farfetched to know why this is(look at the table) the question to dilute your ignominy is for lpool fans to ask themselves who are our rivals?..I doubt ul conjure Utd there..Rubbish!!

  7. ai says:

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