Date: 25th January 2013 at 12:57am
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Will the winger's arrival mean Welbeck is used in his natural position?

Will the winger’s arrival mean Welbeck is used in his natural position?

If Wilfried Zaha doesn’t sign for Manchester United in the next 24 hours then it will be the biggest shock since a certain Dutch striker DID sign for the club. The Crystal Palace winger’s arrival at Old Trafford – at least in terms of registration seems imminent as practically every newspaper in the Western world – not to mention more than a few in the Eastern have declared the Zaha deal a mere formality. 

Although we may not see Zaha in a United shirt this season we there’s no doubt come 2013/14 he’s going to have a part to play and that could mean a welcome boost for homegrown striker Danny Welbeck. The Longsight-born England regular has been moved from pillar to post at United, usually operating on the left wing – a position about as suited to him as left back is for Michael Carrick. Despite it being obvious Welbeck is far more effective as a striker the addition of Robin Van Persie and injuries to other wide men have meant United’s number 19 has to make do on the wings more often than not.

The addition of Zaha could well change all that, as with many people envisioning Wayne Rooney in a midfield role, Chicharito still seemingly our best bet from the bench then it makes sense that Welbeck and RVP could be the two front strikers with perhaps Zaha and Nani- I’ve not give up on him yet- or maybe Shinji Kagawa operating on either flank.

Many people still question whether Welbeck is ‘United class’ but his performances this season- despite a lack of goals- not to mention the rave reviews he’s received from RVP- show he’s definitely a player who is capable of filling a major role i any Reds side- with Zaha joining that role should be upfront where he belongs.

Zaha  is now odds on to join United with many bookmakers not even taking bets on the move.



8 responses to “Zaha Deal Great News For Danny Welbeck”

  1. sijo says:

    This article start making sense when the author mentioned Nani and Zaha on either flank, that’s when the article becomes total rubbish. I’m a big fan of Wellbeck nd will like to see him starting matches up front but Nani and Zaha either flanks is a non starter. Valencia and young are better players there and they have the discipline recquired to perform their tasks to the last instruction

  2. Al bash says:

    Chicharito is simply too good, whether he starts or comes up as sub.

  3. José says:

    In the end of the day goals win games, to choose welbeck to start ahead of little pea he’s gonna hav to start scoring. Rooney,kagawa, RVP and Hernandez are all more effective centrally, but it is a squad game at united.

  4. RedRedemption says:

    Absolute garbage, Danny welbeck is one for the future. I really like Danny, but to say he should start every game is atrocious. His contribution as compared to ‘hernandez’ is very minimal. The problem is Hernandez’s play has improved full bore, while Danny still seems way off, Danny drops to deep and looks nothing of the threat Hernandez does. Hernandez it reaching red hot form, and to dismiss this is criminal, keeping the defence shattering Hernandez on the bench is ludicrous, to cater for some like Danny who seems years away from being a united first team player. It’s almost like taking a backward step. Danny’s most effect has come from the wings this season. Not as a supporting striker. He seems ineffective, lacks lustre and his finishing leave much to be desired. Absolute joke of an article, again. Seem like homegrown support of local talent, taking over again typical English media. Hernandez vs welbeck against RM. believe Hernandez has been rested for the upcoming fixtures, for no other reason.

  5. RedRedemption says:

    Danny is and will be aslong as Chicharito is at united a stop gap bit part player. Danny is the less feared of our forward 4. Plus chicas currently our 2nd highest goal scorer….

  6. olisamanunited says:

    @sijo,how on earth do you put one way one leged valencia ahead of nani,i cant understand why people look down on nani.the early we understand him as our best winger the better for us.

  7. Ojei wisdom says:

    Zaha shud beta sign o…..

  8. jim says:

    I agree that Zaha signing will hopefully provide a more natural solution to the left wing. Welbeck is a striker capable of drifting wide, but he is not a winger. I’m excited to see Zaha arrive and also see how he links up with players like Welbeck.

    A friend of mine told me last week that a deal for Zaha was on the verge of being concluded. He is now working for Man Utd, but in there commercial and marketing offices in London. All these turkish airline and china credit card marketing/sponsorship deals are done from the London office.

    Interesting though is that he told me Ferguson already has three transfer targets for the summer lined up. David Gill has supposedly been quite busy. Nobody is arriving now, but the intention is to wrap up the summer signings quickly. Zaha was one of the names on the list and that deal is now completed. The other two players have actually been linked with us this week.

    Victor Wanyama and Kurt Zouma are the other targets. A deal for Wanyama is preety much wrapped up already. Ferguson told Lennon he won’t move in January for him, so that there title charge and Champions League campaign isn’t interrupted. Like Zaha, a similar structured £15 mllion deal has been agreed, but no announcement until the summer. Wanyama wants to join Man Utd despite interest fom Arsenal and Spurs.

    Zouma deal is the least advanced but strong contact has been made. The boy is considering his future, but his club are aware of Man Utd interest. They have said that if Zouma decides not to sign a new contract then they will start negotiations with Man Utd.