Date: 17th January 2013 at 4:03am
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"Seriously mate, she was well mint..."

“Seriously mate, she was well mint…”

Was you expecting someone else? Well if you’re thinking about a certain Crystal Palace winger, David Gill has actually gone on record and finally admitted United’s interest in Wilfried Zaha.

Not that it will come as much of a shock to anyone in the footballing world considering the fact almost every newspaper on the planet has been reporting of United’s pursuit of the 20 year-old.

Gill confessed: “He [Zaha] is one of the players that we are looking at – that’s all I will say at the moment,” said Gill.

“Even if we did do something with Wilfried, that would be for the summer.

“I’ve been in football too long to say that it’s done until it is done – he’s one of the players we are looking at, but it is far from done.”

Zaha may well still end up at Arsenal as the lifelong Gunners fan is also thought to be on Arsene Wenger’s wish list, so it would be foolish to start thinking this is a done deal just yet. With Nani back in the fold now there’s always the chance Zaha may decide he’s better off at the North Londoners, watch this space….


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