Date: 22nd January 2013 at 12:40am
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Loved more by the fans than he is the ex-players

David De Gea

Unlike the ex-players of certain other clubs that play in red, Manchester United’s alumni who are now employed as pundits don’t seem to have the same bias towards those representing the side now. Other than those employed at MUTV- in essence still in the United payroll- it seems our former legends have no qualms about sticking the knife in when it comes to David De Gea.

In January last year Roy Keane commented after United’s defeat in the FA Cup at Anfield:

“De Gea looked a bit nervous.

“When you have a nervous goalkeeper it can go through the whole team. He looked really nervous.

“He has to stick his chest out and say, I am number one today, I am going to produce a big performance.

“Goalkeeper is the most important position at Manchester United. That is why United got Edwin van der Sar at 34. United are missing that experience and presence.

“United will be kicking themselves. They have conceded shocking goals.”

Keane’s criticism of De Gea following the defeat to Liverpool seemed a tad harsh, as he could have done very little for Dirk Kuyt’s last minute close range winner but it seems the Spaniard is the preferred whipping boy for our ex-skippers.

Last night on Monday Night Football Gary Neville picked up where he left off after the Spurs game by lumping all the blame for the dropped points almost exclusively at De Gea’s door.

Neville went further than just saying De Gea was to blame for Clint Dempsey’s last-minute equaliser, pointing out that the United dressing room in general may be unhappy with him.

Personally I think the constant media ridicule of De Gea by both ex-Reds and others is both harsh and unnecessary, hopefully Sir Alex Ferguson or the young keeper himself will take no notice of it.

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9 responses to “[Video] One Year On United Legends Still Sticking It To De Gea”

  1. True_red_ says:

    I’m disgusted with the criticism that De Gea has gotten over that goal. He made at least 5 top class saves which kept us in the game, we could have lost by 4 or 5 goals but De Gea kept us in the game! He’s only 22, he will be the best in the world

  2. Charlzbass says:

    Who d fuck r u 2 say dat .G.neville. U were d most overrated player ever. If u think he is not good why do barca and real want him. Just think of that

  3. Eembee says:

    If you lay too much emphasis on a man’s flaws, you will never get the best from him. De Gea has been fantastic and am sure he has d highest number of saves than any other keeper. His performance in big matches this season (e.g chelsea and man city) has been fantastic. He made us scale through with his fantastic saves and that is why we are on the top of the league. Van Der Sar threw away three points against West brom in Old Traford in 2010/2011 this season and he did not get this harsh criticism. I think I will stop paying attention to the English media comments. De Gea will be world number one soon.

  4. Jasper says:

    Why should it be de gea? how good was van der sar when he came to man utd? alex must give that young boy time he is only 22 and will be there for a long time.

  5. db says:

    It really is ridiculous that they r laying the boots n 2 de gea he must b 1 of the best shot stoppers about and he is still really young.

  6. Vic nkemdi says:

    2 me, DDG is Xcelent. I dnt knw Y de kip criticzn im.

  7. trevor from Northwich says:

    Remember Van DERSar dropping the ball against West Brom and them equalising. Nothing was said

  8. Sandra says:

    Hey Gary, what was the dressing room like after this…..