Date: 24th February 2013 at 3:27am
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"If only I was good enough for United"

“If only I was good enough for United”

1. There’s been rubbish spoke recently, mainly from the ill-informed, that Rafael is not good enough to be playing for Manchester United. Well, today, and all season in fact, has shown that he’s right at home in a Manchester United shirt.

It wasn’t just his goal today, it was his all round play. The bit of defending he had to do, he did well. As always, he was a threat going forward and he brings to the team a cuteness, that no other player can bring.

It’s hard to think of a better right back in the league this season (unless of course you’re a Liverpool fan, who are probably screaming ‘GLEN JOHNSON’ right about now, but lets be serious) The improvements he’s made in the past few seasons are astounding. If he continues to do what he’s doing, then it’s easy to see that we have our right back in place for the next 10 years.

2. QPR. They’re pants, aren’t they? I mean, we’ve had some rubbish teams in the Premier League, but not many who have had this much cash thrown at them and are still this poor.

Despite Harry Redknapp signing a player who is on £100k a week, and them having a team full of international players, there seems to be no hope for them.

It would be tough to base their chances of survival on how they played today. However, if their players can’t get motivated for a game against Manchester United, then you have to question their desire to play Premier League football.

3. Nani. We’ve nobody else quite like him really, have we? All season, we have been waiting for somebody on the right wing to hit a bit of form. I know it’s early days, since Nani’s return, but he has already shown more than anybody this season.

His directness, his confidence, his flair and even perhaps his cockiness, is something we’ve been missing on the right hand side all season.

On his day, he’s a world class player. A match winner. Somebody who all our fans should love. However, this is not the case. A slight drop of form, fans with short memories and his contract situation seems to have made him quite unpopular.

However, with his recent performances, and with United fans crying out for a winger to start performing, he has the chance to win some of the fans around. Today’s performance shows that he is capable of doing so, and that he has the hunger and the desire to do so.

4. Now, I’m not one to be fitting ’20’ into the word ‘Champions’ Nor am I the type to be already celebrating the title. However, it looks pretty good, doesn’t it?

I’m not just talking about the 15 point gap. I’m also looking at City’s poor form, their tough run in and the United player’s reluctance of getting Fergie mad again.

This game could have easily been last season’s Wigan, but it wasn’t. We’ve learned our lesson. We won’t make any slip ups, as we did last season. You get the feeling that we won’t be allowed to.

Today showed that we’re not taking anything for granted. We’re fighting for the points, no matter which team we’re playing. A tactic which will hopefully win us the title.

5. Rafael, Ferdinand, Vidic and Evra. Despite the progress of Evans, Smalling and Jones, this is probably our strongest back four.

Between them, they have everything. All World class defenders, good going forward and good passers of a ball.

As previously said, it’s probably not the best game to base a lot on, but they looked good. All did their jobs well, a goal from one of them and partnerships reforming down the wings.

Today showed the importance of keeping all four fit. With the injury record of Rio, and the precarious state of Vidic’s knee, it will mean resting them at the right times. Something Fergie sometimes get stick for.


10 responses to “Five Things We learned: United v QPR”

  1. Alan Holden says:

    1. What rubbish talk? Rafa is fantastic in his role and WILL serve us well for the next 10 years.
    2. QPR had a few ‘moments’, but sloppy passing and, besides Tarabt, little running off the ball left them a sorry second.
    3. United play wingers. Always have, always will. Nani needs game play along with Valencia. I’m still unsure about Young’s commitment to United. He seems a misfit at times.
    4. Will be cheering for Chelski today 🙂
    5. You’re probably right, but as Rio gets on in years I can see Evans taking his role more and more. The lad needs a consistent run of games and he’ll be great.
    Just my 2p.

  2. joshua says:

    well-done manutd…20-20-20-20-20

  3. sPy-t says:

    I was hoping to see something about ashley young!!he has started again

  4. Tom Hark says:

    God doesn’t give a sh** for Hernandez.

    Despite his childish theatrical genuflecting to his imaginary friend in the sky pre-kick-off, he was rubbish, and rightly hauled off. And his friend fell down a hole!

  5. lamar says:

    Form is temporary. Class is permanent. Valencia’s form is becoming a permanent problem that somebody needs to address.

  6. aakash87 says:

    I disagree on Vidic-Rio. Evra, disciplined, is fine; but Vidic and Rio sit static and deep, overwhelming our midfield (even v QPR) and making it difficult to control a game. Our younger CB’s snuff out danger early and press us up. But then, Vidic-Rio is a fortress inside the box, so it is a dilemna. I expect us to start this backline against Real, but we’ll need to counter with more pace and incision.

  7. Tom Hark says:


    Is that really true?

    Paul McCartney had class with the Beatles, and then he formed Wings.

    Dozens of other losses of class could be found.

    Don’t just say things cos you’ve heard them before, that is how religion starts…

  8. 1ChrisGreenwood says:

    20? Yes it’s looking good but it’s worth remembering that City only started playing last spring once they’d been written off. They’ve just been written off this season and I reckon they will start playing now from here til may. They looked back on it vs Chelsea, although it’s hard to tell if rudderless Chelsea just made them look good. But if City play to their potential they should blow away most of their upcoming opposition in a mediocre league. There’s only us, Spurs and maybe Everton who will give them a game. Having said all that 12 points is surely too big a gap and we do look stronger and more together than last year. No complaints here with how things look!