Date: 4th February 2013 at 2:45am
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Is the Stoke stopper worth £15 million?

Is the Stoke stopper worth £15 million?

It seems the media’s quest to put the nail in the coffin of David De Gea’s Manchester United’s career has convinced many of them that Stoke City’s Asmir Begovic is all but destined to move to Old Trafford in the Summer. While the fact that Jack Butland has been bought by Tony Pulis may seem to point to Begovic eventually leaving The Britannia there’s a lot of conjecture involved in a series of moves that as of yet are nothing more than speculation.

Butland to Stoke – albeit after his loan back to Birmingham finishes – in the eyes of the media equals Begovic to United, while De Gea seemingly heads back to Spain. The latest reports indicate that far from being the ‘bargain’ some newspapers had labelled the Bosnian stopper, his fee could now make Begovic one of the most expensive goalkeepers in Premier League history.

The Mirror notes:

Manchester United will have to pay £15million for keeper target Asmir Begovic – as Stoke City dig in for a transfer battle with the Premier League giants.

Boss Sir Alex Ferguson has made the Bosnian international his top choice to replace David de Gea but the Potters want a massive fee for their bargain capture from Portsmouth.

Stoke turned down £12 million from Chelsea a year ago and Begovic’s value has soared since then as his stature and temperament put him above his peers.

Begovic may well be a talented keeper but is he really that much better than De Gea? Is he only going to keep on getting better for the next ten years? Is he a snip at the same cost as an international winger? No.
Shipping out De Gea this Summer then taking a gamble on a player who’s never played for anyone nearly as big as Manchester United for a fee that’s not exactly peanuts, seems like a deal that makes little sense for Sir Alex.
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4 responses to “Goalkeeper Deal Makes No Sense For Sir Alex”

  1. Tj says:

    It makes no sense to anyone especially sir alex and united who have suck
    stated faith in de gea, we all know what the city loving media’s game plan is, thankfully it wont work, we will win the title regardless how much crud they make up to try unsettles us. They can bully the fa, they can bully refs, but they go toe to toe with united, they will lose!.. There no way back for the media darlings of the emptyhad and the press need to accept facts, we are the champions!

  2. Quis says:

    Holy christ that’s the mirror, do you honestly believe that anyone not drunk or cranked up believes anything from that rag. Why would you waste good column inches on this drivel? Surely there are 40 or 50 young reds you could write something positive about.

  3. Gilksy says:

    These Begovic stories are just ridiculous sure De Gea has made a few mistakes but hes young and one day he will be world class. When you take away the handling hes already shown he is one of the most agile shot-stoppers and one of the best shot stoppers in the league.

  4. Redbilly says:

    Not going to happen. He’s a decent keeper , possibly capable of playing at a top flight club. De Gea is good enough to be no 1 at OT . The only reason he may go is because he wants to be back in Spain . Otherwise he will be a fantastic long term no 1. Nothing story .