Date: 5th February 2013 at 3:12am
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Reina may support De Gea, but he can't expect any such treatment from Giggsy.

Reina may support De Gea, but he can’t expect any such treatment from Giggsy.

Despite the fierce rivalry between United and Liverpool, particularly when it comes to recent events over the past two seasons, for some players being countrymen seems to still carry a certain level support for one another.

Pepe Reina may not be top of many United fans Christmas card list but the Liverpool number one was at the least quite honest in his assessment of the criticism levelled at David De Gea recently.

Reina knows what it’s like making the move from Spain to the Premier League, he’s also well aware of the capabilities of De Gea.

Speaking to Marca, about his fellow Spanish stopper Reina said:

“He arrived younger than me to the Premier [League], but the adjustment period is normal. I think it has been at a high level, but here the press criticizes some players and widened somewhat took it with him. He has received unjust criticism, disproportionate.”

When asked who was favourite out of United and Real Madrid in the Champions League Reina noted:

“Barça and Madrid are above the rest, but I can assure you that United is a great team with a very winning coach. It will be a very competitive qualifying [tie], I think.”

This hardly means we should all start cheering the Liverpool stopper next time he brings his side to Old Trafford, but it at the very least does ask the question: “If even Liverpool players can see the criticism of De Gea is unjust, why can’t most of the English press?”


7 responses to “Liverpool Player In Show Of Support For United Star Shocker”

  1. Evad says:

    Re: The English Press

    “Some people cannot see a priest on a mountain of sugar”

  2. Jonathan David says:

    Is Reina’s contention that the criticism of Gea is unjust because of his own recent failings or howlers?

  3. Wateva he says,wu knw’s 2maro

  4. Pryce says:

    Fuck the press and fuck neville! Go and concentrate on your hotel, prick

  5. What stupidity fergie would like to do, what are we going to do with pepe Reina (hiss)

  6. cleggster says:

    Because the english press is always up it’s own arse