Date: 14th February 2013 at 3:30am
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De Gea – Having received a whole lot of stick recently it was always going to be interesting to see how he would react when the pressure was on, and it’s safe to say he did himself proud. Having produced one of the best saves I’ve ever seen to keep the game level early on, he soon followed up with one tremendous save after another. Surely this is the last we’ll hear from his critics? 9

Rafael – It was always going to be a really difficult job facing Ronaldo on that side of the pitch but a change of tactics from Mourinho’s men saw Ozil playing out wide instead, thus rendering Rafael bewildered. Credit to him though, we worked hard all game and never stopped fighting. 6

Ferdinand – Showed for the ball at times when the midfield needed an outlet and always looked calm on the ball which passed on to the rest of the defence. He kept things simple and yet was brilliantly effective both on and off the ball. 8
Evans – A real test of character for young Jonny and he passed with flying colours. Looking back just a year ago and comparing his performance in our 6-1 loss to City to his performance tonight really makes you appreciate how far he’s come. 7

Evra – With Rafael pinned down, Patrice had a fairly quiet game but that meant he was caught out on a few occasions late on with him tucking in too deep. He was unlucky not to win us a sending off after he was through on goal only to be brought down by their last man. 6

Welbeck – I predicted he would start due to his defensive contributions, but I did not envisage him scoring one of our biggest goals this season. Who better to score it than a player who’s Manchester United through and through? Worked hard, needed to be patient and was duly rewarded. Perfect. 8

Jones – Quick to close down any spaces in midfield and stopped Ronaldo from cutting in on goal. Finally shaping up to be ‘that player’ most Reds have been crying out for. He got stuck in and gave Madrid little time and room to passes as they pleased. 8

Carrick – Like Rio, he kept a cool head and made sure we held on to whatever little we saw of the ball. Always played the right pass rather than thumping it forward when faced under pressure. I prefer seeing him in this ‘advanced’ role with Jones playing more defensive in the midfield. 8

Kagawa – It just didn’t happen for him tonight. I do not doubt his quality but when the going got tough today, he seemed too ‘one-dimensional’ and unable to adjust his play to our new defensive setup and long-ball tactics. Expected more from someone of his calibre. 4

Rooney – It’s fair to say he didn’t have the best of games either. He worked hard in the first half and was forced to play difficult passes from deep which excuses any passing stats you might bring up, but as the second half panned out, his poor technical ability was really exposed as Real pressed higher up and gave him less room on the ball which resulted in countless misplaced passes and intercepted dribbles. 4

Van Persie – A magnificent performance from a magnificent player. At times he looked like a magician on the pitch capable of creating something from nothing, and on another day he could have had a hatrick if not for a goal-line clearance, a great ‘keeper save and the crossbar. 8


Giggs – Added some much needed composure to our play and even had the energy and drive to drop deep and defend well when needed. Received a standing ovation when coming on. Legend. 8

Valencia – Added very little to our game when coming on and gave away a few poor fouls. 5

Anderson – If we’d have conceded from his sloppy mistake late on, Sir Alex would have probably physically assaulted him. 2


8 responses to “Player Ratings: United v Real Madrid”

  1. Essigreb says:

    Jones 8? Then all the rest are above 10. 100% destructive player. Shame on you Ferguson for using him in midfield. He can pass, cant turn with the ball at his feet, cant run into space, his technique is slow and he will probably never dribble anyone. Tactically I understand, but its surely no victory for football. Gentile, Forster, Goicochea played in the 80s. Yesterday Jones and Arbeloa reminded me of those. I didnt count, but they both seemed to reach double figures conceding freekicks. Heck, they cant play at all!

    Giving Kagawa a 4 looking at what he had to deal with, is just unfair.

    Rooney was disappointing thou. He was clearly outnumbered – also because he would never have any fellow midfielder around him. Carrick will always drop deep, which means that Jones will have to come forward. And he has no ability doing so.

    I can see a future at Sunderland looming – that is if he cant get a regular place in the central defense. Baff!

    • Laurence says:

      You clearly know little of football. Jones did exactly what was asked of him and if he hadn’t been laying I expect we would have lost.
      Please don’t reply, just go and study football a bit more.

  2. Greatman says:

    Agreed with the above description. Some additional comments:

    De Gea – He was the man of the team. He made lots of Solid saves. He has been kept on improving. 9.5

    Rafael – He worked so hard. It was quite a challenge for him in this higher level attack. Not too bad overall. 6

    Ferdinand – He is the best defenser in the team so far this season. He did so solid and clam in the match. 8

    Evans – He played pretty well. His defensive performance was so solid and worked well with the team. 7

    Evra – His play was just average. He also needed to take some responsibity on Ronaldo’s goal. 5.5

    Welbeck – He did pretty well last night. With his strong pace and rapid speed, it made lots of fear to Real Madrid’s defenders. 8

    Jones – He did a great job on the defensive play. He destructed a lot of attacks from the opponent. 7.5

    Carrick – He did so well on midfield including in distributing the ball for his front line. 8

    Kagawa – He was still not matched the team. Fergie was so brave to put him in the line-up on this essential match. Unfortunately, he didn’t give too much contribution. 2

    Rooney – His play was just average. Also, he also had some responsibility on Ronaldo’s goal because he was too lose on the defense. 5

    Van Persie – He found several opportunities using his own ability, Unfortunately, there was no reward afterall. 7


    Giggs – Sure he is a iron man in the team. It was a great decision to replace Kagawa by him. 7

    Valencia – This guy really doesn’t have much talent. The only thing he can do is pushing the ball upfront on his right. I don’t think it’s work anymore because the world knows how he plays. 3

    Anderson – It is so dangerous to put a guy not in form in this high level game. Fergie should Only let his guy out when he was phyically fit. 2

  3. Trevor says:

    I dont think any player who played last night does not deserve to be lower than 6 except maybe Giggs

  4. amno says:

    u serious evra deserv 6???? may be 1 will be too heavy to him hw abt giggis he mis golden chance mayb 2 kagwa 4 bt ronney only 4?? he defen very well 7 bt the rest im agree bt evra must leave the club this summer madrid dint use the weakest link evra if they did zy can score even 4

  5. Worst performance I have seen from Rafael in a long time.

    Kagawa was better than a 4 though.

  6. Sheyeesadi says:

    Man u good as face big treat

  7. Sheyeesadi says:

    Man u deserve 2 win