Date:5th February 2013 at 3:19am
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Not strictly a striker.

Not strictly a striker.

Wayne Rooney has defended his Manchester United and England teammate Danny Welbeck by pointing out his critics error when labelling the youngster a ‘striker.’

Despite having mainly been used for the Reds as a winger Welbeck has been criticised for only having scored one goal all season.

Rooney however believes such criticism stems from people erroneously claiming the Mancunians a striker.

Rooney said:

“Everyone labels him as a striker, which I have had at times when I have played in different positions,

“Then someone says I haven’t scored for eight games when I hadn’t played up front.

“Danny has been out wide a lot this season. He works hard and brings a lot of energy to the team.

“He is a great player and his time will come when he gets that run up front. Then I am sure then he will score goals.”

I’ve lost count of the amount of times this season I’ve defended Welbeck arguing the job he does in the side is invaluable and pointing out the fact that his recent England record of five goals in eleven games shows when he is used as striker he knows where the net is.

Welbeck may not receive a lot of praise from pundits and even some United fans, but the fact both Rooney and Robin Van Persie have praised his worth to the team, shows the Longsight-born ‘striker’ is doing something right.