Date: 8th February 2013 at 12:31pm
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Pogba thanks the fans for supporting him during his illustrious United career.

Pogba thanks the fans for supporting him during his illustrious United career.

Paul Pogba moving to Manchester City seems pretty far-fetched considering the youngster only just signed for the Old Lady last Summer. The world of football is so rife with transfer speculation that it’s now become almost a game itself, anyone can play it’s really simple. Just choose a random player from anywhere in the world, say Wayne Rooney, then add a club erm, Barcelona, then a fee oh I dunno say £30 million. Then tweet it, or post it somewhere and eventually the rumour will gather enough pace to be labelled ‘possible.’ Also if the rumour is so ridiculous it cannot be true then simply throw in the word ‘eventually’ and you’re golden.

One such rumour that’s reared its less than attractive little head on the interweb of late is the idea that former Manchester United legend Paul Pogba could be earmarked as a long-term target of Manchester City.

The rumour gained a bit of weight due to the alleged closeness of Patrick Vieira and the Juventus midfielder and the fact that Vieira has been spotted at France under 20 games featuring Pogba. Now obviously Vieira as a Frenchman and also a Manchester City ‘Development Executive’ – such a grand title that I may just award myself next time I’m on the toilet- will be attending games featuring young French players.

The reason Pogba speculation is rife is not only because Vieira is friendly with him but also the young midfielder is without doubt a supremely gifted player who stands out from his peers.

Pogba admitted last year that Vieira advised him to leave United and sign for City- something that left a sour taste in the mouth for many Reds. The question is could City billions tempt the youngster to leave Juventus? This Summer may be a move too soon, but is anyone really doubtful that Vieira’s ‘advice’ could have far-reaching repercussions.

Is this nonsense or have City got their eye on a long-term replacement for Yaya Toure? Feel free to comment suggest and abuse below:


10 responses to “Pogba To Manchester City? Stranger Things Have Happened”

  1. Would leave a bitter taste to see him sign for the Berties – but let’s face facts – him leaving had nothing to do with Vieira, money, advice, City or Juventus…. it was to do with that 3-2 home defeat to Blackburn.

    A game of which we were short of central midfielders and Ferguson opted for Rafael (a right back) and Park (a player long past his prime) ahead of a guy who believed was on the cusp of first team football. That moment alone made Pogba realise he wasn’t as close to breaking in as he thought and was still behind about 8 players in the squad.

  2. Karl says:

    where you get legend from you tosser???

  3. Pre Munich Red says:

    Good player – lousy attitude. Would fit in well at the Council House.

  4. sutty14uk says:

    UTD legend!! WTF, how can you become a Legend without playing at least a few season!! you put Pogba in the same catagory at Big Pete, Keano, giggs, g nev?

  5. Seanzo says:

    in an article talking about far-fetched rumours and slight possibilities, you jumping on the author for taking the piss and calling Pogba a legend? use your heads mates.

  6. si says:

    Pogba = UTD Legend
    Sarcasm is wasted on too many people

  7. Jon Wilmot says:

    Perhaps we’ll buy Balotelli in retaliation…..