Date: 7th February 2013 at 3:29am
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Ronnie who?

Ronnie who?

In case you’ve been living on a different planet for the past month or so, or maybe you’ve stumbled across this page while looking for information about certain Spanish cities, you’ll be fully aware face Real Madrid next Wednesday at the Bernabeu.

While the outcome of that game is completely unpredictable – depending on your optimism or faith- the football world got a chance to see two who could have a big part to play in Europe’s glamour tie of the next round, go head-to-head on Wednesday as Ecuador faced Portugal at the Dom Afonso Henriques Stadium.

It was actually the United winger who had both the first and last laugh over one of the previous owners of his iconic nuber seven shirt as Antonio headed in after just two minutes as Ecuador won 3-2 wouldn’t be Ronaldo without having some form of impact though and he didn’t disappoint. The United grabbed a reply for the hosts but it wasn’t to be their night as Valencia’s team prevailed.

After a run of poor form it’s good to see Valencia on the amongst the goals- and by all accounts having a good game, not only getting on the scoresheet and helping in attack but also aiding the defence- something he will have to do in Madrid.

Another bonus was the fact Nani also had a productive evening looking back to his lively - if only we didn’t have to say the same about Ronaldo…..