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Could the defender find himself third choice in the long run?

Could the defender find himself third choice in the long run?

News that Rio Ferdinand has decided to miss England’s two World Cup qualifying games, for risk of upsetting his strict training regime at United has been music to Reds ears everywhere.

Ferdinand is enjoying one of the best seasons of his career and has been colossal as United have turned the title race into a procession following the devastation of last season.

This time last season Sir Alex Ferguson claimed with some justification that Jonny Evans was arguably the best defender in the country after a string of stunning performances had helped see the Reds move a step closer towards title number 20.

Fast forward 12 months and while Evans has played a big part in United’s title charge, he hasn’t been the mainstay in the centre of defence he was in the last campaign. As Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic have been able to roll back the years for several games, Evans has missed out.

Evans missing out when Vidic and Ferdinand are fit is hardly a revelation and certainly doesn’t mean much long-term wise for the former academy defender, but the partnership that Phil Jones and Chris Smalling have shown in the centre of defence together for United against West Ham in the FA Cup and for England under 21s means that could well be the future for the Reds.

Although Jones can do a job in midfield, many see his future lying at the heart of the defence, alongside Smalling who’s performances at right back this season have shown he’s not nearly as suited to full back as he is the centre.

Evans has had to bide his time and may seem like the natural heir to Rio or Vidic at the heart of the defence but could the Northern Irishman find himself being understudy to a central defensive partnership yet again in the future? It may seem a tad far-fetched that a defender who over the past few years has proven his worth to the side could end up being third choice, but if the Jones/Smalling partnership really is the future, then maybe Evans will have to miss out.

Have I gone in off the deep end or are Jones and Smalling set to replace Rio and Vidic in the long run?

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15 responses to “Jonny Evans Set To Miss His Chance At United?”

  1. Prince Evans says:

    I don’t know why these writers sometimes do like to mount unnecessary and unwarranted distractions on players. That may be because they do it and go unharmed. How would you consider Evans missing his chance at United due to the fitness of Vidic and Ferdinand. So, you don’t want them to be injuries free? Or have they not be there playing everyone his games as at when the manager pick them. I think this article is baseless and lack merit, otherwise a total distractions to Johnny Evans.

  2. I think you are spot on. Evans will never be good enough to make his mark as our first choice centre half.

    He is fine for games when mediocre teams visit Old Trafford – but in the real big games, he comes unstuck time and time again.

    I think he is great to have as back up. Model professional and does a job.

    • Robert says:

      Evan’s is a fine fine player, he has had his bad luck with injuries this season and to me from the start of the season he was outstanding up to just before xmas when the injuries started, even contributing to 4 or 5 goals this season.. He will be the future of the Man united defence no worries about that at all..

      • There is a trend and I cannot believe people cannot see it.

        Evans had his best season last season 2011/12. A season in which we won nothing and was dumped out of Europe in the group stage.

        Evans best form this season came before Christmas. Remember, Before Christmas was a time when we conceded bundles of goals.

        Honestly, this isn’t a witch hunt against Evans, it is just obvious he is never going to be world class.

        • loso says:

          you are just blinded by hate for the player take of those wooden spectacles and watch football mate

  3. realist says:

    its hard to predict how players are going to develop in future. but it is very clear that evans is the next best thing after rio and vida, at the moment.

  4. aakash87 says:

    I too see Jones-Smalling as the heir to Rio-Vidic, but I don’t think that should relegate Evans to 3rd-choice. Rather, I’d like to see him succeed Evra at LB.

    I was always a fan of Barcelona’s setup a few years ago – with Abidal at LB and Alves at RB. It allowed Yaya-Xavi-Iniesta to push-up, with Alves marauding at will. If Alves was exposed, Pique-Puyol-Abidal would simply shift over temporarily. Abidal was not on the formers’ level as a CB – and he offered little going forward. But as a disciplined LB, he was invaluable both in thwarting attacks from the flank as well as covering in the centre.

    With Evra’s continued liability at defending his far-post and covering for his CB’s, I’d like to see Evans given a run in that role he’s played so often for his country – LB.

    Of course, that might mean a change in approach – more dynamism, with less emphasis on the wings. But that’s fine by me, I’ve been sick of the rigid 4-4-2 for a while.

  5. sijo says:

    What an asinine thing to write. Sometimes RFFH writers are such bullocks (to borrow from SAF choice of words). Only Rio plays better than evans at the heart of Man Utd defence. Jones at center back is always a calamity waiting to happen just as Luiz of Chelsea. Smalling reads game well but his consistency leaves much to be desired. Vida has better presence but Evans is a better all round player in a Rio mould, he can tackle, dribble and he’s better passer than Anderson. So, cut da crap!

  6. Fergie 1 says:

    IDIOTS. Evans is the future 1st defender at Manchester united, he has taken his chances and earned his spot as our 2nd/1st choice centre back. Smalling has no future at United, he is poor and will be gone in 2 years. Jones has missed his chance to be first 11 centreback, the new O’Shea is Jonesy, a jack of all trades but master of none. Jonny Evans is the future of our centreback defense, he is already one of our best defenders only just behind Vida & Rio and one of the best in the world, he is the future.

  7. Owen says:

    Main article = appalling waffle.

    That is all.

  8. evans is d perfect successor of rio and vidic
    carry go

  9. Leon says:

    Ferguson love Evans and he had a good game against Madrid in Spain. I think he is the future of our defense. The guy has been injured and the form of Ferdinand and Vidic has been very good. I think Evans will see plenty of action in the Premiership. The FA Cup might be different, but that could be because neither Ferdinand and Vidic have won the cup. If we manage to get to the final then Ferguson would probably want to pair Ferdinand and Vidic.

    However that is nothing against Evans and, like I said, he will be the future center back. Smalling has still to convince that he is not the next Wes Brown, as apposed to being the next Rio Ferdinand. As for Phil Jones, I really see his future as a defensive midfielder. I hope he can commit to that role because he can be a brilliant central midfielder. The goal has got energy, defensive discipline and the ability to drive forward and score goals as well.

    I think the young lad Michael Keane has a great chance to establish himself long-term. Keane is doing very well at Leicester and has shown his strong potential to be a Man Utd player.

  10. mohammed says:

    I think evans is a great defendar and had his fair number of games this season , he played all the big games and performed well, as long as rio and vidic are fit he will be the 3rd choice.we all know rio dosnt play twice a week , so evans will play instead . Evans also fills in if either rio or vidic get injured. After rio retires evans will be the first choice defender with vidic. As for smalling and jones ,smalling isnt performing as last seasons. He is poor at right back. I guess after vidic retires it will be evans and either jones or smalling at the back .