Date: 29th March 2013 at 3:50am
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Time for Tony V to remind us why he's our number 7.

Time for Tony V to remind us why he’s our number 7.

Six months ago if anyone told you United would be sitting 15 points clear of the Barclays Premier League at the end of March pretty much every Red would have been certain that the man wearing the iconic number seven shirt had been one of the main reasons for it. Things haven’t worked out like that though and dare I say, there’s been times when United have prevailed DESPITE Valencia’s performance rather than because of it.

The startling fall from grace of Tony V has been shocking as the player reportedly coveted by Real Madrid last season, given the most prestigious shirt in world football and voted overwhelmingly on this very site as player of the year only last Summer is now struggling to justify a place in the side.

The next few weeks are crucial for the Reds in determining whether it’s a great or a fantastic season as wins over Sunderland and Chelsea could set United well on the way to a historic points tally and maybe even another long-awaited double.

If there’s one player that Valencia usually revels against it’s Ashley Cole and should the Ecuadorian find himself in the starting line up at Stamford Bridge, it could give him the perfect chance to silence the growing murmurs of criticism which are beginning to build to a crescendo.

With Wilfried Zaha arriving in the Summer and Nani apparently being courted for a new deal at United, the music is about to stop and there’s not enough chairs for all the wingers at Old Trafford. Tony V perhaps more than anyone needs to remind Sir Alex just how effective he can be, as a poor end of season, may just spell the beginning of the end.

Do you agree? Is Valencia playing his way out of Old Trafford? Does he need a bright end to the season, or is his place secure?


3 responses to “Make Or Break Time For Antonio Valencia”

  1. sPy-t says:

    He should be sold or used as a right back next season the thing is he is too predictable when his on the ball “by line>cross” all the time defenders have no problem stopping him..and please sign and give the no 7 jersey to james rodriguez

  2. Vershima says:

    Nio should be soled and bring in rodriquez

  3. claude says:

    Who the fuck..that ass rodriguez gell nooooo