Date:31st March 2013 at 3:56am
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"Ging, gang, goolie, goolie, goolie, watcha, ging gang goo..."

“Ging, gang, goolie, goolie, goolie, watcha, ging gang goo…”

I was having a debate the other night with a group of United fans who play at the local five a side pitch I occasionally work at, they called me over to their table to ask me my thoughts on Danny Welbeck. Now anyone who’s ever read my site, spoken to me, or sat in my vicinity at Old Trafford will know that my love for Longsight’s finest is enough to make my girlfriend a little bit uneasy.

I joined the group of Reds and listed my reasons for being a founder member of the ‘I Love Welbeck’ fan club, someone who is actually amazed we’re still having the debate as to whether he’s United class.

When faced with a few doubters, my response went along the lines: “Look at his performances against Madrid, not just the goal but his play in both legs, he was mint. I remember being at a press conference a few weeks ago when someone asked Sir Alex -is Welbeck’s lack of goals a concern, are you worried it’ll affect his confidence? The United boss was at first incredulous and even laughed at the idea of Welbeck’s confidence being affected, noting that if anything he often needs grounding a little before adding his attitude is excellent and it’s great having his personality at the club. Ferguson was also dismissive of the question a little stating he didn’t see the reporters point, United are winning, Welbeck’s contributing to those wins, so why is there any doubt about his worth to the side?”

The final point for me is the key, Welbeck is playing an important part in United’s success, so what’s the problem? Goals. Seems to be the answer but there’s more to a player than just scoring, look at Robin Van Persie. Despite being responsible for yesterday’s goal at the Stadium of Light the United striker has now scored just once in ten games, a paltry return and one that would earn Welbeck even more stick if he’d actually been played upfront as much as RVP is.

Yet does anyone question Van Persie’s contribution even when he’s not scoring? Not really, you can see he holds the ball up, creates chances for others, can go past players when he needs to -especially when he comes deep and does a job defensively. All of those aforementioned attributes can be applied to young Daniel, so perhaps it’s time we looked at him n the same way we do our Dutchman. The teams winning, he’s contributing to those wins, is that not enough?