Date: 23rd March 2013 at 3:33am
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Tony V and Christian Benitez celebrate against El Salvador.

Tony V and Christian Benitez celebrate against El Salvador.

A footballer happily hugs and kisses a team mate after providing him with an assist for a goal, a normal sight every day across the world. Yet at Manchester United, the sight of the same footballer looking anything other than pretty miserable has become something of a rarity.

Antonio Valencia’s lacklustre season has been discussed, dissected and deconstructed more often than a Shakespeare play and I’m not about to regurgitate the same old story about the winger’s loss of form, but will note that Valencia doesn’t seem to be remotely enjoying his football at United.

Although Tony V hasn’t always been the most expressive individual when it comes to celebrating with his team mates, there have been times this season where he’s looked almost annoyed when United have scored.

Valencia seems a different player for his national side, admittedly against inferior opposition, but much more confident and dare I say HAPPY. In Ecuador’s recent 5-0 win over El Salvador Tony V bagged a hat-trick of assists, only one less than he’s managed in the Premier League this season.

Valencia seems to enjoy playing for his country far more than his club of late, which is understandable considering the pressure he’s under at Old Trafford, maybe if United enjoy a successful end of season, the Ecuadorian international can use the Summer to try and recharge his batteries and hopefully fall in love with the club game as much as he does the international one again.


5 responses to “[Picture] Is This What’s Missing From Valencia At United?”

  1. sutty14uk says:

    Not many people think about the players happyness when it come to their form, we just get on their back because they are not playing well.
    This is a good piece, that highlights that maybe if a player is doing well and enjoying international football and having a bad season for club then perhaps the problem is deeper than just not ‘on form’

  2. Redd says:

    Guess who’s back. 2nd leg against Chelsea will be fun, Cole better get ready for a nightmare!

  3. King Eric says:

    Can’t understand why he’d be unhappy he’s fergusons favourite and 1st choice ahead of nani. Or is it the fact the penny’s finally dropped and defenders have realised that he likes to run in straight lines pushing the ball past defenders and lashing it across the box in hope! Now all they do is show him the outside or close him down and before he gets up to speed, I’ve seen fans start to take note of just how ineffective he is when having to outthink/outdribble an opponent the same fans who said Valencia is better than nani, Now how foolish do ye look. Berbatov wasn’t putting in the performances and was sold quite rightly same should be for tony v

  4. David D says:

    he’s been under fire constantly because of his performance. In a way totally justified criticism because he seems like a totally different player performance wise and attitude wise for Ecuador. I just think the criticism he receives has gone out of hand. Comparing him with Bebe?? come on! It’s true his performance has been an all season long below standard, but is he the only player with a bad season?? Seems like every game there is something bad to say about him. We can see what he is capable of from the international games this week.