Date: 17th March 2013 at 3:41am
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De Gea – Had nothing to do for most of the game but always looked aware when needed. 6

Smalling – Pushed up at times and tried to help the attack but his crossing was lacking at times. 6

Rio – Yet another magnificent performance from the veteran who swept everything at the back with minimal ease and grabbed a fantastic assist to go with. 9

Vidic – Equally as good as his defensive partner, he commanded the relatively inexperienced back line with real authority. 8

Büttner – Faded out of the game far too early and added nothing to our attack. Fairly solid at the back. 5

Young – Often involved at times but not often enough for my liking. Taken off with an injury. 5

Anderson – Couldn’t command the match and offered very little in terms of setting the tempo. Hardly showed for the ball. 5

Giggs – Grew into the game and was our best player for the final half-hour. Added some much needed creativity to our play. 7

Welbeck – Often carried the ball forward into the opposition half and brought speed and energy to are game. 6

Rooney – Scored the all important goal but often found wondering rather than dictating the play. Disappointing overall performance. 6

Van Persie – Really disappointing. Hasn’t been connecting with the ball cleanly recently and you can really tell from his finishing. Lacking in confidence. 5


Carrick – Instilled some authority into the midfield. 8

Kagawa – Pressed high up. 6

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2 responses to “Player Ratings: United v Reading: Premier League”

  1. Greatman says:

    De Gea – A few miscommunication with defenders for the free balls. This could be one of the important things he needs to learn if he want to be the top. No much action from him. 6
    Smalling – He was still not so solid as a defender standard. Lacking of confidence and mis-passing the ball were still his problem. 5
    Rio – He is always my favorite defender amoung the others in Man Utd. His control of the ball was tremendous. His assitance for Rooney’s goal was specticular. 9.5
    Vidic – Pretty solid especially when playing with Rio. Geting more stable after his recovery – 8
    Butter – Just so and so on his performance last night. Still have a long way to go to secure his position. 5
    Young – Couldn’t see too much from him. Too easy to get hurt. I think his top form was gone. 5
    Anderson – Not his game again and again. Very inconsistent player as always. Very hard to build up a place in the team. 5
    Giggs – Nothing can say more for this guy. Never thought he could have gone that far. Still in class and creative. 7.5
    Wellbeck – Good speed and willing to move forward, but unable to control the ball well and missing teamwork. That’s why he always couldn’t do well in the final step. Learning teamwork and good communication are the first thing he should do. 5
    Rooney – Working extreme hard and got a goal. Luckly this time wasn’t equalized from opponent. Not his top form but his quality still work for the team. 7
    RVP – Got several opportunities but couldn’t take them well. Too eager to score a goal could make him lacking of teamwork with his teammates. I expect he will get more goal when Nani is back. 5

    Carrick – He is the midfielder king in Man Utd right now. When he is here, both offensive and defensive plays won’t be bad. 7
    Kagawa – He could be better but currently is not his best. Hope he will be getting more better after the hat trick. 5.

  2. Trevor says:

    I thought all the midfield were equal and not creative at all that is including Giggs. The number of times Giggs tried dribbling and had the ball taken off him was poor.
    I thought Smalling is a better defender than Rafael but not as good going forward.