Date: 30th March 2013 at 3:21am
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Rio - tweets his latest thoughts on defensive drills.

Rio tweets his latest thoughts on defensive drills.

It’s no secret that Rio Ferdinand has the experience and the talent to potentially walk in to coaching after a long and impressive career with the Reds.

With 11 years of history at Manchester United and an impressive 81 caps for England, Rio has the potential to create and mentor what could be some extremely talented players. Not only that, but Rio seems to have the connection with the young players that a coach needs.

However, as a player that carries a few different controversies, from his array of speeding offences to him recently having to defend his decision to fly to Qatar to do a spot of punditry on the week he withdrew from his spot in the England squad. Never one to be shy of the media, but are Rio’s controversies irrelevant to his skill set as a coach?

Personally, I feel Rio is exactly the ideal candidate for a top coaching role. The supreme bit of class we saw in the game against Reading as he set up Rooney’s goal was enough to prove it to me. I watched in awe from the crowd and it’s clear to see the man has the experience and finesse, which you hope, would rub off on young players of the future. To me, whether or not he creates controversy in the press is somewhat insignificant, in fact, I myself think this adds the character and personality that young players relate to and enjoy. In fact, I think a coaching position is exactly what Rio needs post-United and also exactly what coaching needs, a talented and experienced footballer that can connect with young players.

Do you agree with Amy? Could Rio make the transition from player to coach? Let us know your views below:

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