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Can Wazza and RVP really work apart?

Can Wazza and RVP really work apart?

Wayne Rooney is a striker. Seems obvious doesn’t it? His first touch can be erratic, his tactical discipline is not always the best and his passing can desert him at times. He scores goals when he’s playing up front. Often lots of goals. Shinji Kagawa is brilliant at playing just off the striker.

Danny Welbeck can play either just off Van Persie or even in front of him, ditto Chicharito. With two tough games coming up, that could define just how ‘great’ this already pretty amazing season has become the big question is ‘can United afford to take a gamble against Sunderland or Chelsea?’ Well the answer is, there’s no need to. The pervading thought about the Reds is that our ‘strongest’ side features BOTH RVP and Rooney, while technically that may be true, there’s no reason why two sides featuring only one of the aforementioned players can’t both be extremely strong and capable of beating any opponent.

Let’s say for Sunderland the forward four is Nani, Kagawa, Rooney, Young. Is that a strong attacking line up? Yes. Capable of beating the Mackems? Of course. Okay now let’s say for Chelsea the forward four is Valencia, Van Persie, Chicharito, Giggs. Is that a line up capable of getting goals at Stamford Bridge? Hell yeah. I understand Van Persie and Rooney have played well together but ask yourself an honest question ‘how often is ONE of them playing really well and the other one not quite as much?’ Yes they’ve both been on the scoresheet in games, but not often in the SAME game. Wayne Rooney has seven goals for United in his last ten outings, RVP has one, that in itself tells you a story, they’re two great players who don’t necessarily need to play together.

I’m not advocating a permanent split but with two important games coming up, plus the chance to still field two very strong attacking line-ups, would United really suffer if the two star strikers don’t feature together?

Personally I think there’s every reason to be confident in either ONE of them being the main striker but then again, I think the likes of Welbeck ,Kagawa and Chicharito can give any side a real headache.

Have I lost it again? Do we need to keep R & R together? Could two sides with one of each actually be a decent idea?

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