Date: 24th March 2013 at 3:13am
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Will the Argentine be United's first signing in the Summer?

Will the Argentine be United’s first signing in the Summer?

A few days ago the name Ezequiel Garay wouldn’t have meant a lot to many United fans, as the Benfica defender wasn’t exactly top of the list of potential signings Sir Alex was reported to be looking at.

Over the past 48 hours following a report in Portuguese paper Record, that the Reds had not only been looking but actually signed the 26 year-old centre back his name has been everywhere.

On the back of the Portuguese story the Express ran an article that noted:

“Manchester United, have ‘signed’ Benfica’s Ezequiel Garay ahead of the summer transfer window.”

The article went on to note that the Reds had forked out £17 million for the former Real Madrid, Argentine international.

Since Garay became the new ‘trending topic’ in the transfer market, there have been reports that Chelsea and Barcelona are also chasing the defender. Last Summer the signing of Robin Van Persie changed not only the way United did business but also made any deal seem possible as rather than buying a ‘youngster’ Sir Alex Ferguson was willing to fork out a large sum for a player almost in his thirties.

United had paid a large sum the previous Summer for the then 25 year-old Ashley Young which was then a break from the norm for the Reds as most recent signings had been under the age of 23.

The point with both RVP and Ashley Young was that they were proven in the Premier League and obviously needed to strengthen not just the squad but the first team. In the case of Van Persie there was also the Man City factor to take into account – if the Dutchman didn’t come to United, he would almost certainly be joining the Premier League champions, something which could prove catastrophic to the Reds.

Garay is unproven in the Premier League, occupies a position where at present United have no less than FIVE players capable of playing in, with only one even remotely likely to not be at the club next season. As if all that wasn’t enough to make you doubt there’s also the fact that Garay has practically no re-sale value, at least not enough to recoup the £17 million it’s claimed United are spending on him.

Yes United may be willing to sign players they know won’t be sold for any form of profit, yes they may be willing to sign players not likely to break into the first team, yes they may be willing to sign players that are unproven in the Premier League, but are all those factors ever encompassed in one signing? I for one seriously cannot see it happening…mind you who ever saw Andy Goram joining United a few years back?

Does any one really believe the Garay stories? Does anyone think we need him? Answer below if you can be bothered:

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15 responses to “United’s New ‘Signing’ Doesn’t Make Much Sense”

  1. Ryan says:

    If Garay is signed wouldn’t that almost guarantee Rio is retiring/leaving???

  2. Craig says:

    Only way I see this happening is if one of Vidic or Ferdinand leave in the summer. Very strange, unless he can play in CM, which makes even less sense.

  3. ashley lee says:

    I fully agree with you. I don’t believe a word in the Garay story. MANU currently has 5 centre backs. They will all be there next season. I think Evans has improved a lot during the past season. Vidic and Ferdinand are getting back to the level they have been a few seasons ago. In Jones and Smalling we have another two centre backs who are full of promise and eager to go. And one last thing not to forget is that we have Michael Keane in the waiting. He is being favourably reported every week since his loan move. I have the feeling that Sir Alex likes him very much. So it makes no sense to sign Garay. Completely rubbish this story!!!

  4. Hugo says:

    Actually it makes alot of sense.

    1) Rio has lost some of the little pace he had, yes his reading of the game is top notch but he cant play every game – which is crucial at the business end of the season.
    2) We are still not sure of Vidic’s long term fitness, and this exasperates point 1) as well.

    3) Evans will be first choice alongside who-ever comes in be it Garay (who also has the experience in general to step straight in). Smalling and one of the other two above have the experience to step in if injuries/ a rest is required by the consistant pair.

    4) Smalling and Jones dont have the experience of playing BIG games to be able to step in yet consistantly.

    5) A consistant pairing at centre back (if we cant manage a consistant back four), will help improve De Gea aswell (although he still needs aerial improvement and dealing with crosses)

    Garay should be able to step in straight away to the EPL, even though this is an unknown, no reason why he shouldnt. £17m isnt a huge sume for his experience with RM as well as in portugal.

    • Aussiehopper says:

      Good point, i also think it would benefit De GEA
      to have a fluent Spanish speaking defender who
      he could feel comfortable with, Rafel is Portugese,
      only problem can Garay converse in English with
      the rest of the team..

  5. olatomiws says:

    Don’t really think that we need this lad, All we need from SIR ALEX is an established winger who can operate on both flank

  6. Yes ,will need him makr us get more team player,for ech postion atilist is help us dis season you can see I which we have no many player by this time we for they fight for league now,now the title is don ,buy defenseving midfender,winger

  7. Adam brasco says:

    Yes we do need him , Vidic nearly 32 rio one yr left maximum leaves us with Evans and the injury prone Jones , I am not including Smalling as he is back up as he is shocking at right back.

  8. MONEY PUSHER says:

    in my own view of by Garay, is nt bad, it make sense bcoz Ferdinand is about to leave club and Vidic is alway geting injury also Smalling nd Jones is nt hav much expirense 2 handle d back, i really support signing of Garay.

  9. Joab Odhiambo says:

    I think we really need this guy, the pace of Vidic and Rio has gone down and we are not even sure whether they will be fully fit. He will introduce experience in absence of Rio and Vidic.

  10. Bob says:

    Communication could also be key with regards to De Gea.Someone in the back four who can also talk to the main GK could be a huge difference as,although De Gea has gone through a good spell at the moment in time,I still think the language barrier is still a issue.

    Plus Rio and Vidic have injury issues,and Im not totally sold on Vidic at this moment in time.He still has moments of lapses,while Rio also has issues in the fitness area while naturally losing a yard in pace.
    Evans is a dead cert in my opinion to start next year,while Smalling and Jones will occupy various roles,Though I see Jones as a DM in future years as he’s played that role very well in the big games.Plus he has the composure and technical abilities to develop into that role.

    Yes We have issues in midfield but I still think defensively we can be frail.