Date:20th March 2013 at 3:35am
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Fabio was part of the side that beat Sunderland 3-1

Has the Brazilian shown he’s ready for the United left back spot?

Towards the end of last season, Sir Alex Ferguson declared that the younger of the Da Sliva twins would be going out on loan for  2012/13, it was later announced that Queen’s Park Rangers would be the Brazilians destination.

Despite having some questionable  fans – cheering Sergio Aguero’s winner when they knew they were safe is beyond a joke- QPR seemed like a good destination for the young full back. Premier League football in a side that had gone on a bit of a spending spree and added some quality to its numbers had all the makings of the perfect preparation for Fabio before he returned to Old Trafford to stake a claim for Patrice Evra’s left back spot- providing his older brother had made the right back position his own.

Upon announcing Fabio was going out on loan Sir Alex noted:

“I hope that Fabio will develop the same way as his twin [Rafael] and, to help him, he will go out on loan next season to give him concentrated first-team experience,” 

“I have already talked to him and he understands the value of playing regularly at a higher level than we can give him at the moment.”

Since joining QPR Fabio has seen his club fight relegation for the entire season, his manager leave and a new boss come in who by-and-large has struggled to move the side forward- despite a few decent results.

The youngster himself has played 18 times in the Premier League this season which isn’t great but not too shabby when you take into account he’s had injury problems at the beginning of the campaign which kept him out for several weeks.

Performance wise Fabio has acquitted himself well at QPR but the question remains will he replace Evra next season, or is a bit part role on the horizon for the youngster? With Alexander Buttner seemingly not quite up to the job of being Evra’s successor it would seem tailor made for Fabio to take over the left back spot.

Evra is currently enjoying one of his best ever seasons and many Reds have been wondering whether he could still be the first choice left back in the next campaign. The former French skipper turns 32 in May and the smart money next season would be on Fabio gradually being eased into the first team as a regular. Sir Alex Ferguson may see things differently, if the boss thinks Evra has at least one more season as first choice, then could we see Fabio out on loan again- maybe even just till January? It’s worth noting that Fabio can also be used at right back or on the wing, so we could see him rotated where he’s needed.

Personally I’d like to see Fabio back at Old Trafford next season, given more games at left back than we’ve seen Buttner in during this campaign, but not quite replacing Evra as it seems the Frenchman still has a lot to offer.

Do you agree? Should Fabio actually be first choice  left back next season, or is it time for another loan spell? Answers on a brick through the usual window please, or comment below :

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