Date: 10th April 2013 at 3:52am
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How much you on? Me too!

How much you on? Me too!

At the end of March we saw news that Tom Cleverley is expecting a pay rise. Now, when I say pay rise, I really mean pay leap Рto  roughly double what he gets per week.

Cleverley is currently on basic pay of 35k a week, not at all a bad sum for a player at 23 years old. However, his more regular appearances in the squad have resulted in negotiations for a bonus, a bonus to match around Danny Welbeck’s weekly earnings, who recently signed a five-year contract for an eye-watering 75k at just 21.

However is Cleverley – already in a 5-year contract also – worth this pay jump?

With 25 appearances (inc. as a sub) this season against 15 at the end of last season, it’s clear to see Sir Alex is definitely keener to see Clev on the pitch, especially when he’s provided us with a nice 4 goals this season.

For me, Michael Carrick has been class this season, where other midfielders have been somewhat mediocre. With Carrick’s reported wage being 70k per week, that to me is justified. I’m just not sure whether Cleverley has hit that mark yet.

However, the Cleverley/Carrick partnership is one I like and one I’d be eager to see progress, both starting in recent key games such as Chelsea and Real Madrid.

Cleverley has no doubt improved, and is no doubt continually progressing. For me, he hasn’t yet reached anywhere near his potential, and at just 23, although I don’t see him as world class yet, there’s still plenty of time. IF this Wage increase is the incentive he needs to continue such development and it will encourage him to go from strength to strength, then I myself am all for it.

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3 responses to “Just The Incentive Tom Cleverley Needs?”

  1. John Tring says:

    That’s the problem with a very old man. SAF seems have this sudden-love for below-average players ( Fletcher, Evans, Welbeck, Cleverley, Rafael,Hernandez et el spring to mind ). Utd’s midfield is pathetic and Spurs , Chelsea, Real, Citeh all showed yet again. But SAF goes for yet more fancy wingers like Zaha? Cleverley is not the solution, rather the problem. Class is what Utd lack and that’s what they need. Here and now. It’s this conspicuous lack that made even the blue mercenaries look good!!

  2. Dylan c says:

    @john tring I agree with you on Evans and fletcher however are you saying Rafael and chicharito have not been anything less than superb with their time on the pitch this year? If you are then your completely insane. Rafael has secured the rb spot for at least the next 6-7 years in my opinion he’s been top class all year and noone has a better goal to mins ratio on the pitch than chicharito. period. And why you bashin on Welbeck? He’s still young give him a year on loan where he can play his preferred CF role and play chicharito more, up his value then dump him for ¬£25-30 mil next year when he turns 25. And as for your zaha comment they said the same about Ronaldo when he arrived and look what SAF made him into. The same was said about bale..that he’s only a runner, a flop hell only ever be good at LB and freakin Avb turned him into a goal monster,SAF would make him a legend. And I still see cleverley(one of my favorite players by the way) as scholes/carrick’s long term replacement next year,after giggs and scholesy are gone, will be his breakthrough year when he shows his true class and secures his spot.

  3. Amy Jones says:

    Although I wouldn’t go so far as to say Cleverley is entirely the problem, I do agree he is in no way world class. I also feel Hernandez has had such little time on the pitch it’s not easy to describe him as average when he doesn’t even get the run outs or chances to even have a pop due to SAF’s inability to take Rooney off the pitch. I agree though, our midfield is definitely lacking and something needs to be done. Can’t be having the blue noses beating us!