Date: 4th April 2013 at 5:57pm
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Manchester is......

Manchester is……

The arguments about Manchester being mainly full of City fans are about as boring as they are erroneous but that doesn’t stop them rearing their ugly heads each derby day.

Never one’s to miss a trick Virgin Media have decided to promote the idea of battling for supremacy in the city by asking both Reds and Blues to tweet either #VMred #DerbyDay  or #VMblue #DerbyDay.

The point of this seemingly inane exercise – other than to promote Richard Branson’s company- is that the team’s colours will be projected onto the town hall on Sunday night in accordance with the amount of tweets. The more #VMred #DerbyDay  the more red light will be shone in Albert Square and vice versa.

According to Virgin current stats show that around 15,500 United fans have tweeted compared to just 1600 City fans meaning the town hall will be 88 per cent red should the figures stay on a similar trajectory.

The big question is does anyone really care, apart from the 18,000 people who bothered to tweet?


5 responses to “Manchester Is ’88 Per Cent Red’ But Does Anyone Care?”

  1. Akinbola Akintola says:

    The berries ha e made this an issue. Now some of them are saying they voted red to take the piss. They will deny the truth till their graves.

  2. Dave Manc says:

    Out of interest where are you from? I’m born bred and still in Manchester and to be honest I do care because I hate the fact that the lie is believed by most people outside the city so the more proof of how this is crap the better as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Akinbola Akintola says:

    I am born and raised in Manchester but taking my degree in Coventry.

  4. Akinbola Akintola says:

    However i’m Nigerian

  5. Dave Manc says:

    Which is maybe why you don’t care