Date: 7th April 2013 at 5:03pm
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Does anyone care what accents these cheers are in?

Does anyone care what accents these cheers are in?

The second installment of the Mouthy Reds podcast is here as editors of four United sites bring you their views on a manner of topics, not least of all a certain game just over 24 hours away.

As well as the derby Dale from Stretty News, Chudi from The Busby Way, Sam from The People’s Person and myself will discuss the recent games against Sunderland and Chelsea.

Another topic that’s guaranteed to interest many of you is the subject of ‘local fans’ (for local people) and ‘out of town reds’ does anyone care or should we ban supporters who don’t use the word ‘barm’ and live within walking distance of the Rovers Return?

Finally we’ll also cast our eye over to our former brothers in arms over at FC United to discuss whether they deserve admiration or contempt?

As this is only our second effort feel free to comment suggest and abuse below to let us know where we’re going wrong and just how wonderful Dale’s presenting skills are.


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